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Is it still ok to get restylene filler in the eye troughs if a person has severe dry eye?

I have severe dry eye but would love to have the restylene injections for my dark circles/tired look. Does this have any impact on the eyes themself? Also, I read in another... READ MORE

Is it better to see an actual plastic surgeon for administering fillers or is an R.N. ok ?

Since Juvederm Voluma has just become available in December of 2013 is it better to see an actual plastic seurgon or is it ok to see an R.N. with 10+ years experience with... READ MORE

Help with cystic acne that is scarring my face

I am 43 and have been suffering w/cystic acne for the past 5 years. My dermatologist had me on bactrim for 3 years w/no success. I actually had to see a plastic surgeon to have... READ MORE

My two front teeth continue to chip. My dentist has repaired the chips, but strongly suggests the veneers. But the cost? (photo)

I have had two small chips in my right tooth in a coarse of a three year period and now the left tooth has chipped. My dentist who is also (cosmetic) keeps stressing vaneers.... READ MORE

New FDA approved injection for spider veins in Pennsylvania?

Hello, back in February of 2014 I went to my doctors for my fourth injection for spider veins around my ankles. I discussed how I had not seen much improvement from the last 3... READ MORE

How can I find a qualified experienced Botox injector for hyperhidrosis in the hands?

My teenage son has suffered from extremely sweaty palms since he was a young boy. In the past we have asked his dermatologist if there was any treatment for this condition and... READ MORE

Can anything be done with regard to a vein sclerosing agent mishap that has caused severe pain/swelling to my right foot?(Photo)

Over a year ago I was treated for several spider veins on my ankle. After the first two treatments with no success the doctor advised he was using an expensive agent from... READ MORE

Can't quite afford veneers at this time. Will bonding and a mouth guard be a good fix? (photos)

I've written in before questioning veneers since I had a front tooth chip after using my teeth to open a wrapper. My dentist fixed it with bonding and it has held up but he... READ MORE

Does skin peeling on the face occur while on accutane?

I am 46 y/o and never had acne until I turned 40. I was recently prescribed 30mg of accutane twice a day for adult acne after trying everything else including spirolactone. I... READ MORE

Should I have a cluster of small cysts surgically removed from my face or any suggestion of other treatments? (photos)

I've have a little cluster of tiny cysts about an inch from my nose in my face. It's been there for a year with no success of clearing. My dermatologist put me on accutane 4... READ MORE

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Hi I'm also in the process of having a cyst removed from my face but never heard of this technique. I was able to see the before pics do you have any after as to what it looks like today? Thank you!! READ COMMENT

Any pictures at all? Thanks for sharing your experience. There is a Groupon for a spa near my home for one IPL Photo facial for $99 and I was thinking of trying this for sun damage and broken capillaries around my nose as well which are... READ COMMENT

I guess I should have also asked is the third pic you posted after the facial? Thank you again!! READ COMMENT

Hi! You look great! Is this the same as an IPL Photo facial? Like you I worshipped the sun and tanning beds when I was younger. There is a very nice spa near me with great reviews that has a Groupon for a $99 IPL Photo facial and... READ COMMENT

I'm having a cyst removed from my face next month by him and I'm very nervous, never met him. I just hope he can do this procedure without leaving a huge scar. I feel a little more confident in knowing you liked him and feel he did good... READ COMMENT