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Are Broken Capillaries and PIH Permanent Fraxel Side Effects?

After 5 fraxel treatments I have PIH and broken capillaries. Is this permanent? The PIH has been treated with a 6-week regimen of Tx skin care products with 4%... READ MORE

Will PIH Come Back on the Same Areas Post-Fraxel Treatment?

I have a fair complexion and I tan nicely. I have post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) on some areas of my face as a result of Fraxel treatment. It seems to be slowly... READ MORE

Telangiectasias Appearing Ater Fraxel?

The other issue I am contending with (post-Fraxel treatments) is the appearance of telangiectasias. Is this a result of the Fraxel or an unhappy coincidence. What can I do... READ MORE

Is the Gemini Laser for Vascular Blood Vessels the Same As the Recommended Vbeam Perfecta Laser?

Is the Gemini Laser for Vascular Blood Vessels the same as the recommended Vbeam Perfecta Laser (for treatment of post-Fraxel telangiectasias)? There does not seem to be a... READ MORE