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Hair Line Clinic - Dinesh Gowda - Banagalore

I took up all the treatments before going for transplant such as Derma Roller, Laser, Liquid solutions, expensive tablets, PRP and then Hair Transplant nothing worked. Dr. Dinesh Gowda was the one who did it and must say not fit to be a surgeon. Transplant can give u some hair but the gap b/w them is too much at least in my case. READ MORE

Questions from anon9813

Body hair to be used for hair transplant?

I already had a hair transplant 4 years back and now i regret my decision as my head looks smaller from behind and the transplanted hair which was already too less in density... READ MORE

How long should a hair transplant last, and what kind of care is needed to maintain it?

Hi, I had a FUT 4 years back which gave me like 40-50% success result at Bangalore(India) Hairline Clinic-Dr. Dinesh Gowda He took out a big strip from the back of my head due... READ MORE

Can I use body hair to cover the scar and fill up in between the fallen transplanted hair?

My FUT did not go well and the transplanted hair is also gone almost, i hate the concept of living on tablets for the rest of my life but i don't mind minoxidil. I want to keep... READ MORE

Fixing the FUT scar: Transplant in previous donor area?

I had been to different dermatologist's and confused with their opinions. One doctor said that we cannot transplant hair in the scar area as there will be no blood flow and... READ MORE

Deciding the number of grafts for FUE?

I have been discussing my FUE transplant with few doctors and since I had a failed FUT at a Hairline clinic in Bangalore, I am a little skeptical about it. Doctors say that I... READ MORE

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I am really happy that it worked for you. In my case they took out a big strip from the back and all i could see was few hundred transplanted hair in my frontal after 6-9 months and it remained the same. I went to a dermatologist who... READ COMMENT

I agree with you it doesn't have life and should be your last option in life. As nothing else can workout after that. READ COMMENT

Just have a small question - i went through this procedure too but the transplanted hair has too much of gap and it doesn't look good. Of course the doctors offered second session but i denied seeing the results of first. READ COMMENT

Considering Apollo is a good name, i would suggest you do more research on the Doctor as its all in his hands. Wish you All the Best and do let me know if you opt for it and the results. My hair fall is controlled to an extent due to... READ COMMENT

PRP is another way of making money and the chances are very slim of improvement. I think you should go to a good Dermatologist and he should be able to help you and also suggest if HT will be good for you or not. If you ever go to a... READ COMMENT