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Removal Under Local - Chicago, IL

I'm about two weeks post saline implant removal. I'm thrilled to have those hard, round balls gone. I felt I was living a lie. Few knew I had implants and I knew I wasn't natural. I had 300cc under the muscle, but am small and they were too perky and full for my age. I LOVE my small, soft... READ MORE

Skeletor No More - Coralville, IA

I had two viles done in March and then another two injected a few weeks ago. Mostly to my checks, lower jaw, chin. No nodules, no redness, no bruising, though the injections do hurt. So, I haven't really noticed anything. Yesterday a friend stopped by and said, "Wow, what have you done? You... READ MORE

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Congrats on being free!! I'm so glad you're surgery is done. I kept the gauze pads and bandages on for two days. I didn't have ace wrap, just a few large bandage pads and compression bra. I was given Ultram (tramadol) and I had to... READ COMMENT

I'm not a doctor, so can't give you an opinion. People react differently to different medications. If I am worried about medications, I talk to my pharmacist. You cannot believe everything you read online. You have to consider the... READ COMMENT

If you have a low pain tolerance and are high anxiety, I would think of taking something to at least help relax you. You don't want to move while they're doing surgery. I understand not wanting to be under sedation, but you have to go... READ COMMENT

I didn't have any anxiety, even the day of surgery and I'm a high anxiety, obsessive person. I take anti-anxiety medicaton at night, so I can sleep. The ends justifies the means. I wanted mine out so badly, that it didn't matter what... READ COMMENT

I do think the creme helps, but I would make sure your doctor thinks it is okay. I went through menopause at 40, so am on hormone replacement anyway. I do like the softer breasts. I could pound on my chest before and it was like tough... READ COMMENT