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Amazing! Love Saline. Get Good Surgeon! - Utah

I had somewhat droopy breasts after having my baby. They went from a small B to an F through pregnancy. I am skinny so my surgeon suggested silicone to prevent wrinkling. I got saline and mine feel great! Thanks to seeing a 2nd surgeon during the healing process they look amazing! Be sure to choose a good surgeon! The extra expense is worth it! Mine were looking scary but after my one week... READ MORE

Looks and Feels Great, BUT LAST 3 WEEKS! In Lips - Utah

Not good. My injection lasted only 3 weeks and you need at least 2 syringes to get any results; that's pricey! 450.00 for just one! It lasted only 3 weeks and my surgeon wouldn't do a thing about it. They said I was SOL it's not their fault that my body absorbed it so fast and I wanted more result I'd have to pay more. LAME. It wasn't painful to me at all. I called the... READ MORE

Juvederm Did NOT Work for Me! - Utah

I had my Juvederm injection only 3 weeks ago. 1 syringe and it is completely gone! It's supposed to last 6-12 mon. My surgeon won't do a thing. Wasted money. Juvederm won't back up this enhancement either. READ MORE

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Unsatisfied with Juvederm results- injected into my lips?

The injection was 3 weeks ago. My surgeon told me 'expect 6m-1yr result; fuller lips. I was hesitant but they assured me I would love it. Next day; minor swelling, bruising... READ MORE

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When I contacted Juvaderm, themselves, they told me that the more you have the injections done the longer they will last each time. My second injection lasted about 6 months. The Juvaderm is now gone from my lips but I will likely get... READ COMMENT

First, I didn't go back for Juvederm, I had it done at the same time. Second, I actually ended up talking to Dunkley himself (finally) and he treated me absolutely great. He took a look at my breasts and offered me a deal on fixing them... READ COMMENT

I have talked with Drake Vincent's staff and plan to see him from here on out. He does a wonderful job. Two of my best friends went to him and had amazing results! I should have gone to him in the first place. But his staff tells me... READ COMMENT

Thank you Britt! I love this site. Realself has helped me find so many answers, get good real advice and find the perfect surgeons to go with! I love that people can tell their experience to help others in making their decisions :) READ COMMENT