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47 yrs old ,5 ft 3 , 120 Ibs- Time to tighten things up

Butt Lift

11 Feb 2017, Updated 6 days ago

Still a few weeks to go until surgery day so making the most of doing everything I love doing ,as there will be a few weeks of down time to come. Not scared of upcoming surgery looking forward to ' getting the job done'.Have included a few pics to show where I'm at currently X READ MORE

46 Years Old, No kids, 5' 3", 126 Ibs Lock & Glue Tummy Tuck. Birmingham, GB

Hi Real selfers, 5 months ago I had some successful cosmetic surgery ( Vaser lipo to thighs)- Fast forward to now and after much research,consideration & consultation, I plan to also go ahead with a tummy tuck ( date tbc).My chosen PS is Mrs. Kat, who also carried out my thigh lipo. The method to be used is a drainless ' lock & glue ' abdominoplasty with tightening of the muscles also. I'm... READ MORE

46 Years Old, 5 Ft 3 ", 126 Pounds- Vaser Lipo to Inner, Outer & Front of Thighs - Birmingham, GB

So, like many of you lovely ladies on here, I have been an exercise junky for many years- In particular I love resistance training and pumping iron! I too,have also done crazy dieting in the past in pursuit of trying to attain 'the perfect body' ( it doesn't exist by the way!)...However, for me my hang up has always been having big legs, in particular my thighs- I always retain stubborn fatty... READ MORE

Questions from dibble69

My bras don't fit me properly, am I a good candidate for a breast lift? (Photos)

48 yrs old, 5 ft 3 " 120 Ibs- interested in getting breast lift only - no implants. Wear a UK 34 C bra - bras don't fit properly due to lack of upper pole / redundant skin /... READ MORE

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I had a TT w lipo & muscle tightening nearly a year ago- with this next procedure an incision will be made at the top of my butt cheeks & will continue around my sides to joinin up with previous TT incision. It will yield me the... READ COMMENT

Hi, Thanks for your comments- I hope you're feeling much better now with your drains gone- with my TT scar, once the dressings came off micropore tape was applied & I wore that on it for 3 months- only replacing it when it fell off... READ COMMENT

Hi ya have sent you a pm re: cost. I am in Birmingham UK & my surgeon is based here too X READ COMMENT

How did it all go?...X READ COMMENT

Aw thanks! Will update on my journey! X READ COMMENT