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Hi, I'm having mine on the 19th. Please, post updates. READ COMMENT

Hi, I'm having a full TT on the 19th. So, I'm happy to hear about someone else's experience. Good luck! READ COMMENT

Hi, If you asking if that's a good size to aim for, I agree. If your asking if you should have the surgery, only you can decide that because if all the risks involved. But, there's no hurry. Your young and many changes will occur in... READ COMMENT

Hi, WAIT! I would get to a weight you plan on maintaining, whatever that may be. So, the doctor can get to the size you want to be. It's your money(even if covered by insurance, you pay the premiums) and your body. You need to end... READ COMMENT

Hi, I had a reduction in Nov. 10. One thing I wish I thought of before getting it done: I wanted to be the same size as I once was happy with, 34c. That was pre-pregnancy with a totally flat stomach. Now, after four kids, I didn't... READ COMMENT