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Suggested permalip or fat trans. - Restylane - Miami, FL

Dr. Blinski, thanks so much for your input. My filleres were put in by a surgeon and his office. Suggested permalip or fat trans. But then he said fat trans. May not be perm. So, I traveled up to my first dr and he gave me the opposite. I've called around and getting mixed stuff. A derm. Does silicone oil. 1 office thjats suggested silicone wasn't even a dr (was a skin specialist w/11... READ MORE

Questions from angela16508

How Long After Temporarly Lip Fillers Can Perm. Ones Be Done?

What is the waiting period between temp. fillers can silikon be put in? And how much at a time is appropriate? I hear right away and also the opposite. READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Botox A and B?

I've read about types used but am wondering what the difference is?does one come hydrated and the other in a powder form? Different hydrated shelf life and storage... READ MORE

Botox Injected Right?

I have injections in the muscles themselves and injection holes in the wrinkle itself. Also, he gave me 3 forhead injections for wrinkles but just put them on the lateral... READ MORE

Eyebrow Lift with Botox

I heard you can have an eyebrow lift using botox. However, I have a medium sized scar on 1 of them. Curious which side of the eyebrow they inject. Scar is on the right eyebrow... READ MORE

How Long is Hydrated 200 Units of Botox Good For?

Once hydrated, how long is 200 unit/10ml saline good for kept cold? READ MORE

200 Units of Botox?

I Posted a Previous Question About 200 Units of Hydrated?... Common theme that botox does not come in a 200 unit vial. and 10ml was 2much to recon. when the pack. insert says... READ MORE

200 Unit Botox Vial Available?

I'm hearing on here that 200 unit vials of BotoX is not available. However, my insurance sent it to me with an RX from PCP for a sweating problem, to be aDminstered in my... READ MORE

Good Garment for Brazilian Butt Lift??

I am finding it tough to locate a good garmet for post op BBL. My dr office only sells 1 that zips on the side and the location of the zipper bothers me. Any suggestions of... READ MORE