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Botox May Have Ruined my Eyes to the Point of Requiring Surgery -Austin, TX

I went in to my Dermatologist's office almost 1 year ago before a trip I had scheduled to visit an old boyfriend in Colorado (where I used to live). I had just turned 39 years old and my confidence levels were shaky as I had just divorced after a year long separation. Finding myself thrown back into the dating world as a single Mother of a young child I figured I needed to try my best to look... READ MORE

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Fraxel Laser (Which Type)? Thermage Or a 'Feather-lift'?

I'm 37 years old - in great shape, and overall, I have very good skin, both texture and tone, and no wrinkles, however, I'm noticing some jowling on my jaw-line that is... READ MORE

Will the Excel V-Beam Work As Good As Fraxel to Eliminate Wrinkles and Tighten?

A very reputable derm/cos surgeon recommended V-Beam over Fraxel for me? I'm 38 and starting to show some signs of aging, fine lines, and I'd also like to tighten my... READ MORE

Bad Botox Job Still Present After 8 and 1/2 Months?

First time Botox for mild forehead, crow's feet, frown line. Immediately afterwards my eyelids puffed up. I had a second treatment to fix it. Almost 9 months later, my eyebrows... READ MORE

Possible Atrophy or Nerve Damage Caused by Botox?

I am only 39 yo and had 2 botox injections (2nd was a fix bc my eyelids became so puffy)! almost 9 mths ago for very mild forehead wrinkles and crows feet, - my forehead is... READ MORE

2 Months Post Botox my Eyelids Are Hooded (Sagging) and Very Uneven. Will It Resolve? (photo)

Anything I Can Do to Make It Look Better? 1 yr ago, first treat at 38 y/o on my forehead and around eyes. My brows dropped and my eyelids become very swollen, 9 mths later... READ MORE

Botox Damage After Injecting in Brows?

When I smile the muscle directly above my brows lifts into an unnnatural/unusual arch, it looks like a swollen muscle. This was still happening to me 9 months post botox, the... READ MORE

Botox Nightmare - Desperate for a Solution! Please Help? (photo)

My eyebrows 1 year after my original Botox treatment. The muscles are extremely Enlarged and Puff up very unnaturally. Botched botox by derm on 10-16-2012, forehead, crows feet... READ MORE

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Has anyone experienced enlarged eyebrow muscles as a result of horribly botched botox job?

These are my eyebrows 1 year following the originally botched botox job!!! I'm so scared that I might need surgery to correct them. My eyebrows used to sit perfectly Flat and... READ MORE

Has anyone had their swollen eyelids 'deflate' and wrinkle/crease following botox?

My eyelids used to be perfect, - I was injected incorrectly a Year ago, once my eyelid swelling finally went down my eyelids appeared Loose, creased, - unevenly and wrinkled.... READ MORE

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Hi Anne, I'm just seeing your message. There has been absolutely no improvement to my eyes, they look almost exactly as they did 4 months past the 'fix'. I decided to hold off on going to LA to see the specialist because I know it will... READ COMMENT

I am SO Sorry to hear this! Have you sought legal care/assistance? - You Should. The only Ocular Plastic surgeon I have spoken with so far explained to me just day before yesterday that Botox is Not a benign treatment, - that it is... READ COMMENT

Thank you so much for the reply and support! That is my eyes when I smile as big as I can so it does not look so bad with my face resting normally but Still visibly swollen. It does look like it's Botox, - showing? under my skin... READ COMMENT

Hi Anne, it's very disheartening to hear that you are still suffering after 2 years! Is it your eye area like me where you are experiencing problems? Are you suffering from enlarged eyebrow muscles? The area above my brows are enlarged,... READ COMMENT

Did your face return to normal? I have enlarged eyebrow muscles protruding and indentations in my forehead and saggy, 'loose' eyelids as a result of botox. This is post 1-year of my original treatment now! I am very upset but at 9... READ COMMENT