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Talented and Caring - the Best!

I love my results and I'm only 3 weeks post op. Considering the amount of work that was done and all the swelling that I have, I still feel comfortable going out in public and I like my nose already so much more than before. READ MORE

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Intranasal Swelling After Septorhinoplasty

I am 17 days post op and having a very difficult time breathing through my nose. I have seen my doctor and he said everything is healing well & the obstruction is due to... READ MORE

Flonase Use After Septorhinoplasty?

I am 17 days post op and my doctor gave me Flonase to help suppress the internal swelling that was severely bothering me. I am very healthy with no allergies or other... READ MORE

Severe Congestion After Septorhinoplasty

Is this normal and when is it time to worry that this may be permanent? I have been on flonase for 9 days and don't have really any relief. My PS, a very qualified rhino... READ MORE

Labored Breathing After Septoplasty Infection

I had a comprehensive septorhino 7 weeks ago. At 3 weeks post op I got a bad sinus infection & just recently finished my second round of antibiotics. I don't feel much... READ MORE

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Intranasal swelling and congestion 4 weeks after SeptoRhino

I am exactly 4 wks post a comprehensive SeptoRhino. While I am thrilled about the outside appearance of the nose, I have become increasingly apprehensive about the internal... READ MORE

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Hello, Did your congestion clear up? I know it's been a while since your surgery but have you regained full breathing? thanks, READ COMMENT

Hi Angie, Thanks for responding. A few days ago I went to Emergency room because I was in total misery. It had competely gotten worse over the past 4 days. They ran a scan and it turns out I have a full blown sinus infection. Ugh! I... READ COMMENT

Hello, I really hope you are still checking this site. Your experience echoes mine exactly. I am one month post op and still cannot breathe. I have become a mouth breather and it is causing all kinds of anxiety. I too just wanted to... READ COMMENT

Angie, You mentioned that your breathing was compromised after your SeptoRhino. I am one month post op SeptoRhino and still cannot breathe out of my nose. I was actually not willing to trade form for function but I am hoping that it... READ COMMENT

Chicagome, I had septorhino 1 month ago and I still cannot breathe through my nose. I know this is a long time from your surgery but can you remember when you started to be able to breathe. Also, why did it take your breathing so long... READ COMMENT