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Brazilian butt lift rear view photos....

I wanted to know why most photos shown are not straight on rear view ones? most photos are taken cattied corner where the patient is slight turned. this angle always makes it... READ MORE

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Congrats any photos to share your awesome results? also how much was everything? thanks! :) READ COMMENT

Also, what was the cost? READ COMMENT

Are there any more pictures you are willing to share so we can view your results better? The picture is quite small and we are unable to view your results well. Hope you continue to heal successfully ;) READ COMMENT

So how are you doing now?!! :) READ COMMENT

Congrats! he is one of the doctors i am looking into :) do you have any more photos you wouldn't mind sharing of your work? there was one patient that a BBL done with him on this site but there are no photos on his website to see his... READ COMMENT