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Brazilian butt lift rear view photos....

I wanted to know why most photos shown are not straight on rear view ones? most photos are taken cattied corner where the patient is slight turned. this angle always makes it... READ MORE

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Thank you!!! I respect honesty and I surely don't want anyone telling me something just to make the same ans leave you high and dry and could care less. So I would definitely want him to help me with my body. It's hard finding someone... READ COMMENT

Wow that's crazy!!! Other surgeons actually post their live procedures and brag about it! wow!! Someone had to have made a stick about it, which is not cool...thank you for the reply back and I appreciate your help :) I called and I can... READ COMMENT

You look great! Im going to book my consultation soon with him :) do you happen to know if he is still on Instagram or if they changed their name? There were pictures on there before but there seems to be no page now. Was wondering what... READ COMMENT

I am soooo leaning towards him! Did you have an office consult with him or was everything done over email? READ COMMENT