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Hey guys and gals, I am a 26 year old guy. I started gaining weight when I was young. The weight gain and lack of activities resulted me being an obese kid at the edge of 11. Same lifestyle continued until I was 18. At that point, my brother planned his wedding for the August of 2008. I decided enough is enough and zi need to change this. Main reason was other's comments about how cute snd... READ MORE

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I see that you are scheduled for a LBL in May. Feel free to ask me anything. More than happy to share my experience in detail READ COMMENT


Awesome. Looking Good. I am nearing 3 months post op as well. Is your ab still tight and kind of weak? I am having a hard time doing any crunch style motion like getting up from the bed straight up. I need to roll to my side. It does... READ COMMENT

Looking good! Are you capable of working out? Iban 5 weeks out. My surgeon suggested getting back to toning exercuses in 1 to 2 weeks. I read other forums and some other people state waiting 6 months before doing anything heavy or... READ COMMENT

Update: I did ok mostly during the poking. My blood sugar was low and I was dehydrated. It started getting to me 2 min after that. I felt light headed. I asked him if it is ok sit and he helped me. I thought this would resolve the... READ COMMENT