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Hi curious lady, I didnt have much fat either and would have liked more to implant but had to work with what we had, I have actually put on a stone since the op, probably due to the new relationship and my gym membership running out. It... READ COMMENT

I forgot to mention the scarring, we went on holiday recently so was in a bikini and the kids and new partner still didnt realise. I was worried they would notice as the scars obviously dont tan, but they are so small I needent have... READ COMMENT

Hi curious lady, sorry to hear you havent been in a relationship for year, I can sympathise and also give you hope, my boyfriend of a year does not know I have had this proceedure done and is always commenting on how wonderfull my... READ COMMENT

Hi chellamia, I had this proceedure done a year ago due to one breast being bigger than the other. So far the results have stayed the same although some people on here say theirs did not say. For me it was worth the money and am so glad... READ COMMENT

It is a lot of money but i didnt want inplants. they told me at first i might not have enough fat to transfer and did suggest that they might have to take some from thighs as well but thought it would be too much in one go to do lip to... READ COMMENT