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The cons are hard to imagine if you have the right doctor. Pain, a week of down-time, small scarring around the ears and that is about it. The upside is fantastic! Having a perfect jawline again and looking ten years younger and having no one notice the scarring is a big plus. I had the best doctor and wouldn't let anyone else touch my face! It looks so natural. No stretched out look. Just... READ MORE

Velasmooth Worked Amazingly

I just had my 4th Velasmooth treatment on thighs and buttocks. I started 6 weeks ago. The results on me have been more than I hoped for! My doctor's technician who does the Velasmooth says some people get no results. It appears that if you are toned or have hard firm fat on the thighs and buttocks, you won't lose your cellulite by Velasmooth. All that will happen is you will lose... READ MORE

I've Had Sclerotherapy for More Than 15 Years and It Works.

I've done sclerotherapy on and off for 15 years. I use it for spider veins on my legs. There are numerous injections done with a saline solution that sting. However, I always get results. My spider veins are minimal now. I never have perfect vein-free legs because I constantly break new veins, but sclerotherapy keeps them under control. I'm anxious to try the new glycerin injections that... READ MORE

Hylaform Works and is Cheaper Than Restylane but Lasts Less Time.

I had Hylaform injections for naso-labial folds and creases around mouth and lips and lip injections several times. These work just as well as Restylane and are cheaper, but the results go away sooner. I found in the long run that Restylane and now Juvederm are more cost effective. Hylaform is good to try if you are not sure how an injectable filler will work for you and you want the effects... READ MORE


I tried Juvederm for the first time last month in my cheeks to make them fuller and less hollow. I am now very happy with the result, but had bruising for two weeks. Done by Dr. {edited} in Orange County, California whom I've been going to for over 10 years. He always does the Botox, Restylane, and Juvederm injections himself and has excellent pricing. I went back for a Juvederm touch-up... READ MORE


You must get a good doctor who can inject correctly without bruising and in the right places. I've used my Dr. for 10 years for Botox. He is a doctor of opthamology, but only does cosmetic injections now. He is super good. Restylane lasts a long time. He uses it to turn up the corners of my mouth, erase smile lines in the naso-labial folds, erase smile dimples (wrinkles on the sides of my... READ MORE

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It depends where you get the Restylane as to how long it lasts. In the lips lasts only three months or so because we move our lips so much. On the parts of the face where there is less movement, it lasts longer. Naso-labial folds last... READ COMMENT

{edited} Edited by Sharon: We've added your doctor's contact info to the review. Thanks for sharing! READ COMMENT

I had Thermage done on my face 2 and 1/2 months ago in Orange County, California, at Dr. Sikorski's office. They use the approved Thermage method of asking when the pain feels 2.5 on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being unbearable. They give... READ COMMENT

I had my first Velasmooth treatment yesterday and it did hurt a lot. My legs are bruised as much or more than liposuction does. I have read studies that show that 75% of people trying Velasmooth get "some" improvement. Not much but... READ COMMENT