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Clear & Brilliant Laser - Scottsdale, AZ

Clear & Brilliant Laser –The treatment. I was excited to try this bc there is supposed to be little or no down time and no sloughing like the peels I have gotten. It’s made by the company that does Fraxel and is a lower set wavelength. It should help with acne, pore size, more of a maintenance thing than dramatically corrective. It was recommended to numb first so I did for about 15-20 min... READ MORE

Cheek Hollows by Undereye Area - Scottsdale, AZ

I am a veteran with Juvederm and Perlane fillers and wanted to try something to help soften my tear trough /under eye area. Belotero is still making it's way through Scottsdale medical offices so I decided to try Restylane in the mean time. I had some Juvederm put in the tear trough area a few years ago before I had my blephs done. It was alright but it did get the common blue hue (which... READ MORE

One is Helpful but Getting Them Monthly is More Beneficial - Scottsdale, AZ

I try to get a peel when I have pms my acne wants to flare up. It does help but I hate the sloughing off period that starts 4 or 5 days after. The peel leave you shiny looking the first day and you try to leave it on at least 6 hrs before washing your face. Water will kind of re-activate it so it will sting a little if you get it wet. You can also get retinoic acid applied, I get it spot... READ MORE

I Know It Won't Last Forever..but How Long Does It REALLY Last? - Scottsdale, AZ

I have been using Juvederm and Perlane for various areas for the past few years. I heard the Radiesse lasts much longer (supposedly a year?) bc it is a different kind of filler so I am wanting to try in in a few spots - nasolabial area, upper cheek bones, and possibly in an area of my chin that is asymmetrical due to an old injury from blunt force trauma. The tip of my nose would be great too... READ MORE

Results... in 6-8 Weeks? Save it for lipo for better results!! - Scottsdale, AZ

(the price above reflects my Village member dicount on there monthly special price of 900, normally 1200) I work out regulary and do all the stuff you are supposed to do, squats, cardio, diet. But I have certain areas of genetically predetermined fat pockets that refuse to go away. I have been interested in a non-invasive fat contouring procedure for years. I have chosen to treat my inner... READ MORE

No Down Time or Annoyance of Peeling.....results..? - Scottsdale, AZ

1064 Yag laser used-I have had a hormonally tumultuous year and my skin has suffered like never before. I have never had acne issues until almost literally when I turned 30:( I have tried everything and the only thing that gets rid of my existing acne is Clearasil spot treatment (10% benzoyl peroxide) which causes lots of peeling and unfortunately, lots of scars. My scars are red and dark and... READ MORE

Love It - Never had a tattoo before - Scottsdale, AZ

Never had a tattoo before but since I've had injections in my face and breast augmentations I figured I could handle the pain. It wasn't bad, just the first pass feels like a ragged razor blade and it is more painful on the outer areas where your skin is thinner. Dave the tattoo tech was great at just doing a tiny bit at a time and letting me look at it after every pass and point... READ MORE

Worth the Wait-Takes Longer to Go into Effect than Dysport - Scottsdale, AZ

When I was a kid, I thought it was fun to be able to move my eyebrows separately because of my brow muscles. Then in my late 20's, the "11's" appeared. Not so fun. I'm talking about the wrinkles in between your brows you make when you get mad - and botox is awesome to eliminate them. My first time after botox, I waited impatiently for 3 days for it to take effect but... READ MORE

Bigger is Better - Scottsdale, AZ

Had 450cc saline over the muscle done ten years ago. They were too small and too far apart after so many years and a significant amount of weight loss. Had very apparent rippling visible and implants still soft. Was told I had some scar tissue removed. Replaced (over the muscle still)with 700cc high profile saline, over filled to 800cc to minimize rippling due to severe lack of breast... READ MORE

Great to Use with Eyelash Extensions - Scottsdale, AZ

Latisse is great- you have to use it every night for a good month and a half to see results. The brushes that come with it are too thick though and suck up a lot of product so many find it helpful to use a thin makeup brush of some kind or you can thin out the ones provided by cutting some of the outer bristles. I find that a bottle lasts me maybe 2 months or so. No side effects for me except... READ MORE

Thicker and Lasts Longer Than Juvederm Ultra Plus - Scottsdale, AZ

I love my fillers! I alternate between perlane and juvederm in my lips bc for me the perlane last longer and seems thicker but this can result in a little more of a bumpy feel. So thats why I use juvederm sometimes too, it's smoother but doesn't last as long and you get less per syringe. My dr also uses the perlane at the bridge of my nose and it amazingly makes my nose seem... READ MORE

Smooth Results but Doesn't Last As Long As Advertised, more bruising and swelling - Scottsdale, AZ

The juvederm ultra plus is slightly better than the regular juvederm. It always gives smooth results but you swell a lot for a week then it goes down a LOT. Disappointing if it's your lips that go away so fast. I work out a lot so I process fillers rather quickly. Perlane lasts longer for me but the juve tends to have less lumps. Had it in my tear troughs before I had my blepharoplasties... READ MORE

Works Great, Quicker Than Botox - Scottsdale, AZ

I have used botox regularly between my eyebrows and sometimes in my upper forehead and tried the Dysport because of a great $50 rebate offer. Had 50 units at $2.50/unit (63 after rebate and special members 10% discount)(about the equivalant of 20 units of Botox I think) and I noticed that it only took about a day to go into effect whereas the Botox takes about 3 days to start working. It... READ MORE

Worth it, take your time finding a caring experienced doctor

I got my augmentation in '01. I was really young and didn't research doctors, I just rushed into it. Was a small B, was 5'4", 130 lbs. I got 420cc's saline overs per my Dr's advice. Breasts were not symmetrical and was having some dull pains by incision on right side and could feel something like a corner of the implant there. Complained for months, dr blew it off... READ MORE

Incredible Doctor - Scottsdale, AZ

I had upper bleph and also lower transconjuctival bleph done. It has only been 16 days post op and I am very happy. My eyes look more alive and open. I have more swelling time ahead of me but everyday gets a little better. The day after was the hardest, my eyes were almost swollen shut and my tears were tinted red. The first few days are definitely tough (get some audio books!) but once... READ MORE

Questions from Scottsdale1247

How Much Pain & Healing Time Can I Expect with Implant Exchange From Over the Muscle to Under?

I'm getting my 450cc saline overs replaced to silicone under. I do want to go bigger but worried about the changing of the pocket-healing and appearance. I lost over 20lbs... READ MORE

Is Zeltiq Very Effective on Love Handle Areas or Does Lipo Give Better Results?

I am 5'4", 115 lbs. and want to get the fat around my waist liposuctioned (it's not a lot, I am very active, eat a healthy diet with no meat and dairy) but am... READ MORE

Will Implants Appear Larger After Dropping or Smaller from Decreased Swelling?

I had my implant exchange for silicone and changing to submuscular placement yester. My dr and I had discussed using 700-800cc hp. I wanted very full d's/small dd. He ended... READ MORE

Best Way to Balance and Or/add Volume to One Side of Chin? (photo)

My chin was injured years ago and this resulted in the right corner of my chin being more prominent (the bone sticks out more). I want to make my face more symmetrical and... READ MORE

Recent comments from Scottsdale1247

Well one thing is that when you get them over you don't have to wait for them to to drop, sometimes they can look a little high for a while. When they are over they have a diff look, round and full all over so they tend to look bigger... READ COMMENT

Thanks! Well I don't have kids yet and have good skin laxity so was still ok w them looking a little more fake than natural. If I have kids I'll get them under afterwards. I liked the all around fullness they have. Also when under the... READ COMMENT

Thanks! Yes I have very little breast tissue naturally so bc I was going over the muscle I needed implants that can be over filled to avoid ripples from the implant. I am 5'4", in the pics I was about 118 lbs. I would only do silicone... READ COMMENT

I have 700 high profile saline filled to 850cc's. Depends on your own personal size and frame, I am 5'4" with a petite ribcage, have varied between a 30 and 34 bra band over the last few yrs with weight flucuation, Also that pic is when... READ COMMENT