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Had Breast Done Now to the Face, Eye and Neck.

I absolutely love my boobs and knew that I wanted to have my lower face, neck and eyes done soon, so here I am out just day after tomorrow. When I was having Breast Aug I read everything but on this I am just telling what I want and leaving the rest to Dr Gayoso. He did a fabulous job on the boobs so here's to the face. A little more nervous this time as there isn't much to work with when... READ MORE

Here I Am Again This Time for Tummy Tuck - Saint Petersburg, FL

Well I had BA on June 26th and thought I would never consider Tummy Tuck as I have heard that it is the most painful procedure. Well after having my BA and absolutely thrilled with the result and my physician, I am going to go back and talk to him about the Tummy Tuck. I want to know if he has a health center that I can stay for a while to monitor the pain. If he does then I will continue... READ MORE

Never to Late to Feel Better About Yourself - St Petersburg, FL

As a grandmother and great grandmother I still want to feel alive and in my heart I am young at heart. So after many years of wanting to have my breast back, I am going to have the procedure this Friday with Dr Gayoso in St. Pete Florida. Many years I wondered if I was to old, to fat, to busy? Well I retired last year, lost some weight and well I am not getting any younger. So, off I went... READ MORE

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Had to work hard today to get this to completion. Blood Pressure not good and since I normally have low BP it was somewhat of a shock. I have had a six months of some issues personally and even though they are corrected my body didn't... READ COMMENT

So happy for you. I have been heavy and I have been skinny and there is nothing like being skinny. But please get your protein in. This is vital for the long haul. I have had many friends with this type of weight loss and the... READ COMMENT

Sorry but I think they are beautiful. I know this is not about me but they do look great. I just went to 665CC and love mine beyond any dreams. Hope you wont be disappointed being smaller. Keep posting READ COMMENT

With your wish picture, I would go larger. Talk with your doctor and let him know what you expect when you finish. My dr wanted to do 565CC and then I showed him pictures of what I wanted to end up with and he went to 665 and would... READ COMMENT