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scar care

Hi everyone...I'm having my tt surgery tomorrow and I'm excited but very nervous. I want to know the best ways to care for my scar and at what point during recovery do... READ MORE

Day 2 post op...can't sleep or stop peeing

So I'm barely day 2 since it hasn't been a full 24 hours! I cannot get comfortable! I have a mound of pillow behind my back and under my knees, I'm not a back... READ MORE

My first shower...3rd day post-op

I was paranoid about getting the steri-tape wet I put plastic wrap over my scars and belly button. Thankfully I have a handheld shower head so I could manuever the water. Feels... READ MORE

worried day 5 post-op

My sides look uneven and what happened to my previous hour-glass shape? There is also a round puffiness smack in the center of my belly. Am I being paranoid? READ MORE

update 9 days post-op

Yay! Got my drain out! My ps said to wear the binder for 6 weeks but I can wear spanx during the daytime (I'm estatic about that). I'm also almost standing upright..... READ MORE

Scar question

Incision starting to get crusty, almost like when sores heal, around the belly button too. Is this normal? I'mn still using the palmers 2x a day but I think I'm going... READ MORE

1 month post op update w/ picture

Feeling pretty good, swelling is still bad in the afternoon. I'm using mederma 3xs a day along with palmers once a day b/c the mederma makes my skin peel. I feel like my... READ MORE

My 9 weeks post op

Hi ladies!! I've missed you all, been really busy with my new job. I'm feeling great, swelling is finally down to a min, I still get "swell hell" on those... READ MORE

African American women who've had tummy tuck surgery

I'm interested to know of any other african american women on this site who've already undergone their surgery and what was your healing process like? How is your... READ MORE

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You look fantastic!! Congrats! READ COMMENT

Wow! glad you are healing so nicely. I still get major swelling when I do too much and my surgery was Jan 19th. I don't aspire a 6 pack but I do want a very flat tummy and to be very toned. its funny because my arms are actually... READ COMMENT

Thanks BikiniD!! I'm gonna go read your story. I am 13 weeks post op this week! Where does the time fly? I feel great although still tired alot but I stared working out again 2 days ago...don't ask me why I chose the Insanity... READ COMMENT

Yes I screamed @ $140 but if it's worth it I will ask for it. I think I saw scar guard in the drugstore. I've only told 3 friends about my procedure, no one had really noticed a difference, I was't fat before and I was good at dressing... READ COMMENT

How expensive is the rx?? That's great your PS is using you and you get free services! whoo hooo! I get an email notification whenever someone responds, you should check your account settings. I go in Friday for a consult on a... READ COMMENT