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Lower Face & Neck Lift Plus CO2 Fractional Laser – Amazing Results - Dallas, TX

I’ve spent my entire life working out and staying physically fit, it’s who I am. I've also paid the same close attention to my face. I've spent years taking good care of my skin and as I grew older that included regular visits to my dermatologist for Botox and fillers, and my esthetician for regular facials and microdermabrasion treatments, all with excellent results. Alas, time and gra... READ MORE

I combine my semi-annual Botox treatment with Restylane - Excellent Results - Dallas, TX

I combine my semi-annual Botox treatment with Restylane to keep my face looking fresh & rested. The Restylane fills in those folds around my mouth and I have just a tiny bit injected around my lips to smooth out the tiny lines. Sometimes I have a little bruising but I always apply ice, (the great little round ice patch provided by the doctor's staff) starting immediately on the drive... READ MORE

It erases the fine smile lines - Great Results - Dallas, TX

I regularly have Botox twice a year primarily around my eyes. It erases the fine smile lines and takes away the furrow between my eyebrows and I love the results. Gives me a nice rested look and I've never had a problem. I did have my forehead done only once which made my eyebrows stick in a Spock-like arched position for a few weeks. Not doing that again! Again, whenever I'm... READ MORE

No Drain Tummy Tuck and Lipo – BEST THING I EVER DID - Dallas, TX

I’m a lifelong runner and all around workout fanatic and consider myself in excellent physical shape. At 5’7” and a pre-surgery weight of 135lbs, I easily fit into size 6 clothes, sometimes a size 4. However, after pregnancies, other female related surgeries and just getting older, my tummy looked downright awful. During my annual physical, my internist confirmed that no... READ MORE

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Tummy Tuck Survival Tips for the Working Woman

As I read through all the wonderful TT stories, I couldn't find one that mirrored my own; that of an obsessed working woman with grown children. If that sounds like you,... READ MORE

Free Veronique Compression Garments

I purchased 4 Veronique mid-body compression stage 2 garments (in black) trying to find the right size. I'm keeping the S and M, but want to give away the size L and XL.... READ MORE

Veterans: Share Your Best Advice

To all the TT veterans: If you could share only ONE piece of valuable advice to your fellow "tummy tuckers" who are starting their journey, what would it be? READ MORE

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Hi sexy momma, for my tummy tuck and just recently my lower face lift, I started my supplements 2 weeks prior to my surgery dates. I also take Arnica Montana on a regular basis because of its preventative healing ability. READ COMMENT

Hi Vjade, I'm 58 years old and was sincerely blessed with some great genes. That and taking care of my skin since my teens. My French mother had a great influence on me. READ COMMENT

Hello and thanks! As far as recovery supplies, I ended up loving Aquaphor. It's a greasy mess but amazingly soothing & healing. It felt so good on my freshly lasered face. Now I use a very light application to dry spots like feet &... READ COMMENT

Hi Leigh, my personal opinion is that its a good thing you can't stand up straight right after TT surgery. It means your surgeon has pulled everything as tight as possible for the best results possible. I did not even attempt to stand... READ COMMENT

Hello Leigh, the "no drain" TT is the way to go. Easier healing, easier getting around and I recovered faster. I wore my surgical binder for only a week then transitioned to Spanx items which took time to find the right fit. I am still... READ COMMENT