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Skilled, artistic, precise injector. Cannula for tear troughs.

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23 Mar 2017, Updated 3 days ago

Richard Ort, MD

5 out of 5 stars

I went to see Dr. Ort after unhappy results with tear trough injections from an oculoplastic surgeon in Denver (I now realize that someone can be a great surgeon and a not-so-great injector). Here are some highlights from my experience: Dr. Ort agreed that the lumpiness in my tear trough was not terrible, and he recommended I just wait it out rather than dissolve it. I talked to him and... READ MORE

Treatment Review

5 Things I wish I'd known about undereye/tear trough filler


13 Mar 2017, Created 13 days ago

This was my first time having any kind of filler or treatment; I've never had botox or anything like it, but my undereye bags were driving me crazy. I spent months researching because I was anxious and I tend to be a perfectionist about haircuts, etc. I knew this was a tough area to treat so I... READ MORE

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Thanks, that's really good advice, I'm so sorry to hear about your experience. READ COMMENT

Hi, I just want to weigh in. I went to a very good oculoplastic surgeon for tear trough filler and got poor results; I think finding someone who specializes in this specific procedure is more important than whether they're a surgeon vs... READ COMMENT

Can you say where you had this done? READ COMMENT

Can you say which Doctor you went to? Thanks! READ COMMENT