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Hey Laidback, DO you live in Fl if so who do you go to for B-Liftx peels? = thanks READ COMMENT

Ok I know this is an old post but where can I go for this procedure in Tampa for darker skin? please help READ COMMENT

I'm happy you healed bc our eyes are too precious. READ COMMENT

Ok Im back with some assuring news, I have to admit, I was scared as "Hell" in the beginning but once the swelling went down and the finger prints from the doctor faded, there was some relief. It took 7 full days for the swelling to... READ COMMENT

I had Radiesse inject in my smiling folds yesterday. The doctor assure me it was worth it. Well the bruising was minimum, so no complaints there, so far. But I am very scared bc one side of my face look natural and the otherside look... READ COMMENT