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Risks of Restylane on Upper Eyelids for Sunken Eyes

Hi there, I wore glasses until I was 26 y/o. For this reason, my eyes are quite sunken in my face. I was considering the idea of undergoing a treatment with Restylane to make... READ MORE

Jessner's Peel for Scars and Hyperpigmentation (Sensitive Skin)?

Hi, I am thinking of doing a Jessner's peel on my face, although still unsure if this is what I need. I am 28 y/o with not very noticeable scars around the mouth, forehead... READ MORE

Solution for Sunken / Hollow Eyelids (Doll's Eyes)?

Five years ago I inquired about using fillers to fix upper eyelid hollowness. Given that science and technology is always improving, I wanted to know if there has been a new... READ MORE

Looking to improve the length and lump on my forehead as well as improving my eyes' hollowness. (Photo)

My forehead is quite long and I would like to do a hairline reduction. Also, I need to treat an osteoma on my forehead (little bump that suddenly appeared a few years ago) and... READ MORE

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Hiya! I am very interested in doing this procedure, but I have so many questions. Would you be happy to talk to me for a few minutes about the procedure and your experience? I could give you my email address :-) READ COMMENT

Hiya! How does the whole process go? Do they take a slip of skin with hair from your back and stitch it to the hairline on the front? Do the scars on the back AND the front stay there forever or do they fade completely? I am interested... READ COMMENT

Hiya!! That sounds interesting, my forehead also feels it has its own volume/contour. Would you be able to post some before/after pictures or share them with me privately to see the difference or whether it is what I am looking for?... READ COMMENT

So, what is the whole process? I am so amazed by the pictures (I can totally see the change, although you are still as pretty as you used to be). Also, I was a bit scared by the bruises and swelling too :-S Do they take a slip of skin... READ COMMENT

Hiya! I would love to see the before and after pictures (if you wouldn't mind sharing). Do you notice the scar on your hairline? Will that stay there forever? Will you have any issues growing hair? Or what will happen when in older age... READ COMMENT