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Is It True That Thermage Can Cause Damage to Skin's Elastin Fibers?

I read that while Thermage can create new collagen, it actually damages Elastin so I'm wondering if this is actually true and if so, wouldn't that be a danger and... READ MORE

Can Retin-A Stop Working Once Skin Has Developed a Tolerance to It?

I am 47, female, fair skin. I feel like I blew it back in 1984 when I was just 20 y.o. & first got a prescription of tretinoin for acne. MDs didn't know to tell... READ MORE

Is Late 40s Too Late for Rhinoplasty?

I don't have a straight profile and I'd like to finally take care of it. My nose is elegant from the front - thin nostrils and it's probably just the right length... READ MORE

Coffeeberry Worth the Price?

Does anyone have an opinion on the ingredient coffeeberry? I am using the Revale brand - also offered by Priori - and I like it around my eyes a lot. It has a good cosmetic... READ MORE

Dry Crepey Neck Skin: Can Retin A Help? Can Anything Help?

I'm a little worried about using retin A on my neck 'cause I don't want spottines to occur there and I have to be so careful with sun exposure while using retin A... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Find an Excellent Surgeon to Perform Rhinoplasty?

I would want to find someone who has an excellent track record. How much variance in price is involved? Does a higher cost mean a better surgeon? Thanks. READ MORE

I Had IPL and a Month Later Indentations Around my Eyes That Weren't There Before-can It Grow Back?

I am afraid IPL caused fat loss under my eyes. At The top of my cheeks where they meet the bottom of my undereye area there is a groove that I never had before. This type of... READ MORE

Is 4 weeks long enough between ipl "treatments"?

I had IPL done once and liked it and then exactly 4 weeks later had it done again. The pain was worse the second time and I noticed, after about one month, that I now have... READ MORE

Is Syneron Safe? Is It Possible That the Setting Used for Me Was Too Strong?

My second appt w/IPL resulted in grooves around my eyes, one month following it. Is it possible she used too strong a setting for me?? Why do all the doctors respond that it's... READ MORE

Does rogaine cause collagen breakdown?

I've written about my ipl experience and relating it to these grooves that appeared around my eyes one month after 2nd session. Coinciding with ipl i was also using Rogaine for... READ MORE

Is Slapping the Skin Good for the Collagen?

I ask this because that is what IPL feels like-- a really hot slap. I did it twice and I think I am worse off for it. I've been so careful with my skin -- sunscreen sine 21 y.o... READ MORE

Does Damage from IPL Continue to Reveal Itself over Years and if So Why and How to Prevent It???

I have circles and slackening and texture changes and I've read other posts from people saying it keeps getting worse! Can someone who knows for sure please tell me how to... READ MORE

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Exercise - get blood flowing!! Forget about the circles -- wear glasses - use retin-A and glycol and a good moisturizer and MSM and EXPECT your skin to be better than ever!!!!! We only have so much time on the planet!! READ COMMENT

DOES IT GET WORSE OVER TIME? Mine was Syneron. It definitely caused grooves around my eyes but I have hope anyway. I'm using glycolic, vit c/e, and retino at night and it's much better. Also MSM internally and externally -- and i'm... READ COMMENT

Hi - I know how you feel -- I had 2 treatments about 3 and4 months ago and have had similar results. I used to have a glow to my skin and always got compliments. Now I have grooves around my eyes that were never there before and large... READ COMMENT

Hi! How do you do the castor oil heat treatments? Could you explain? Thanks!! READ COMMENT

I wasn't one of the ones who got " burned " per se by IPL but I've definitely gotten grooves around eyes and darkness that want there before and I think it's because the light slaps tha face so hard that it's literally like being hit in... READ COMMENT