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Aquamid - Melbourne, Australia

I had Aquamid injected into my lips and wrinkles around my mouth. After a couple of months, there was still no difference. It just looked the same as before so I made another follow up appointment and paid full price again. This was done over a week ago and again there is no difference. I would advise anyone to just get temporary fillers as the results I had from those was amazing.... READ MORE

Neck Done! - Australia

Procedure NOTHING like described on their website. Dont go on your own. I was herded in and out in 15 minutes max. Didnt listen to my questions, felt dizzy after having 20 needles in my neck with no numbing cream and was basically shown the door. Make sure you take someone with you. Second day and still painful and swollen, I cant leave the house. Third day. Stil READ MORE

Questions from South Melbourne

What Filler Can I Use After Recently Using Aquamid?

There was no difference at all after the first treatment so a month later I had another full treatment and again I cannot see much difference. I am very dissappointed as the... READ MORE

Can I Have Juvederm with Aquamid?

Is it possible to have Juvederm when I have had Aquamid twice in the last 3 months? I still have fine wrinkles along my top lip that I want rid of. Has anyone done this? I know... READ MORE

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HI. I thought I would let you know that I am off to KL AGAIN in March. My ear lobes look that deformed that I have to do something about it. I am wearing HUGE button like earrings which I hate, to try and cover them up. So am having to... READ COMMENT

HI. Thought Id check in and see how you are going Shakey. I am totally healed now, just a tiny amount of numbness around the ears. but my only problem is with my ears. I thought one side of my face was higher than the other but actually... READ COMMENT

Hi. I havent been on this forum for a while. My surgery in Malaysia was done 12th April and I have been posting a few comments on here. Thought Id let everyone know how it was all going. No one has said anything to me about looking... READ COMMENT

Dear Shakey, I too had surgery in Malaysia with Dr Nasir but thank goodness went through NOTHING like you have. I had mine done on the 12th April, when were you there? I had just a neck lift but had the scars around my ears, the back of... READ COMMENT

I always refer to this forum as well. Its really helpful even though I had my surgery done in Malaysia. I had the SMAS just lower face/necklift . I am in my 6th week and just beginning to like what I see in the mirror. Still have... READ COMMENT