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Why is My Nose Swelling and Bruising?

I Am 16 Weeks Pregnant, Have Had a Cold for 2 Weeks, my Nose I Broke when I Was 9 is Swelling and is Turning Black and Blue Please help! Any correlation :/ And what should... READ MORE

Tummy tuck? Other options? I JUST turned 29. 2 c-sections in 2011/2015, no more kids. SW: 249 right before sons birth CW: 173.6.

My goal is to be 140. I have a muscular build, played soccer in college etc. pic on left most recent. Looks like because I am 5'0 I should be at the max 129-135. Jogging and... READ MORE

Is this just swelling after a Tummy Tuck, Lift, Lipo of Inner thighs and flanks? (Photo)

9 days post-op I just saw my amazing doctor on Friday to have my drains removed. Then, Last night I took a photo of my body and realized that one hip, one with more blood, is... READ MORE