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Am I a Good Candidate for Alar Base Reduction?

I have been contouring my tip with makeup so there is more definition and I feel like it makes my nostrils look a little wide. READ MORE

Is There Any Non-invasive Way to Selectively Take out Fat?

I feel that my right side of the face is fuller from fat than the left side lending an uneven appearance. Is there any way to take out fat without incisions? READ MORE

How Much Would Chin Surgery and Mandibular Reduction Cost Together?

I have jaw asymmetry where my chin is skewed to the right and one side of my face is bigger than the other. How much would both procedures be together? Thank you! READ MORE

Options for Mild Jaw / Chin Asymmetry?

I have mild chin/jaw asymmetry where one side of my mandible juts out and the other side is deficient. My chin is off the midline of my face and deviates towards the right. I... READ MORE

What Scans Are Carried Out Before a Sliding Genioplasty or Jaw Procedure?

Hello, I wanted to know what kind of scans (CT, MRI, X-Ray, etc.) are ordered to look at the bones and nerves (like the mental nerve) before a sliding genioplasty or jaw... READ MORE

CT Scan, MRI and X-RAY Before Performing Sliding Genioplasty or Facial Contouring Procedure?

Hello, I wanted to know what kind of tests are ordered before doing sliding genioplasty, mandibular reduction, or zygoma reduction. IS it MRI, CT scan, or X-Ray? I was hoping... READ MORE

Is It Worth Getting Surgery for a Minimally Droopy Columella?

Is it worth getting surgery for a drooping/hanging columella to shorten the nose by only 2-3 mm? I don't know if this is worth the time, money, and effort. READ MORE

Will Top Lip Reduction Raise the Lip Part/stomion?

When performing lip reductions, most notably top lip reductions, does the stomion (lip part) raise higher? I feel like my top lip is very full and my stomion is lower than it... READ MORE

TADs to Correct Occlusal Cant Rather Than Surgery?

Hello, I have a slight jaw asymmetry issue in that the lower jaw cants to the right. I don't know if my upper jaw has a cant but when I look in the mirror it seems like... READ MORE

Will Lateral Canthus Raise Up After Swelling?

Hello, I underwent revisional Asian double eyelid surgery and revision of lateral canthoplasty/canthopexy? on my left eye 3 days ago. Before the lateral canthoplasty revision,... READ MORE

Why Do my Eyes Close Better in the Morning After Revision Asian Double Eyelid Surgery?

Hello, I received Asian double eyelid surgery revision (lowering high fold) and slight ptosis correction 4 weeks and 5 days ago. I cannot close my eyes as there is a 3-4 mm gap... READ MORE

Eyes Won't Close 5 Weeks After Revisional Asian Double Eyelid Surgery?

I received revisional Asian double eyelid surgery and slight ptosis correction about 5 weeks and 3 days ago. My eyes cannot close all the way (about 3 mm of scleral show) when... READ MORE

How Long Does Tissue Hardening Occur After Asian Double Eyelid Surgery?

I underwent revisional double eyelid surgery and slight ptosis correction in Korea 7 weeks and 2 days ago. I am unable to close my eyes fully--very little improvement. My... READ MORE

Is It Normal for Eyes to Not Close Fully 5 Months After Revision Asian Eyelid Surgery? (photo)

Hello, I had revisional Asian double eyelid surgery and slight ptosis correction 5 Months ago. I cannot close my eyes fully and this lead to horrible dry eyes (eyes watering... READ MORE

Is There a Benefit to Getting Sculptra when Young?

I am in my early 20's and am interested in getting Sculptra injections because my midface is very hollow and flat. I hear that Sculptra works by stimulating collagen. Out of... READ MORE

Is It Okay to Find Deals on Ultherapy?

I know you are not supposed to look for low prices on surgical procedures and fillers but what about ultherapy? Isn't the protocol the same for every provider and there is not... READ MORE

Why Do I Still Have Swollen Lids 6 Months After Asian Double Eyelid Revision?

Hello, why are one of my lids perpetually swollen after Asian double eyelid surgery revision after 6 months? I have dry eye from my eyelids not closing all the way yet (there... READ MORE

Is It Okay to Use Retinoids Before and After Ultherapy?

Will it alter the results? Is it okay to use retinoids immediately after ultherapy? READ MORE

Eyes Still Don't Blink All the Way After 7 Months Revision Eyelid Surgery?

I had asian revisional double eyelid surgery (fold lowering) and slight ptosis correction 7 months ago and I have severe dry eyes and 24/7 discomfort because my eyes cannot... READ MORE

Is 5-FU Safe for Injection into Upper Lid?

Hello, I had asian double eyelid surgery revision about 8 months ago and since then I cannot close my eyes completely leading to bad dry eyes. My surgeon overseas in Korea is... READ MORE

What Direction is the Tightening with Ultherapy?

Is the direction of tightening/lift all upwards or horizontal? Is it variable at certain parts of the face for example the jawline and neck? Thank you. READ MORE

1 Year Post-op Eyes Still Cannot Close After Revision Asian Double Eyelid Surgery? (photo)

Hello, I had Asian double eyelid surgery and mild ptosis correction 1 year ago and my eyes cannot close completely and have been very dry since. Is this a permanent condition?... READ MORE

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Most Skilled Filler Injector in NC?

Can anybody recommend me a very skilled filler injector in North Carolina? Thank you! READ MORE

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Hello, I had the procedure an hour ago and I agree, it did hurt in some places...I would describe it as being pinched really hard with 2 sharp fingernails deep below. The first pass under the jawline was the worst! The second pass with... READ COMMENT

I wonder if it was collagen production that made the lower face fuller..what has your doctor said? READ COMMENT

So sorry to hear about your experience :( I am in for this procedure this week and that is my worst fear. Did you have the full face done? Did it cause fat loss in the lower face where you wanted it? READ COMMENT

Hello, Good to know! That's wonderful it wasn't noticeable. Really hope you get positive changes! READ COMMENT

Were you able to put on makeup or sunscreen right after the procedure? READ COMMENT