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Does the Nose Right Work?

I saw the nose right advertised and I am very skeptical. At the same time, I'm desperate. I can't afford a rhinoplasty, so is this a possible solution to a bulbous nose? READ MORE

After Hump Was Removed In Primary Surger, My Nose is Flatter and Wider. Can I Get It Back To Where It Was?

I had a small bump removed that used to lay directly where my bridge started. Now, with it gone, my nose looks much wider and flatter. It has been six months since my primary -... READ MORE

Is Replacing a Small Dorsal Hump a Small or Large Revision?

And how soon after surgery can it be done? I was interested mostly in how complex it is - is it less so than changing the tip? I feel terrible about the whole thing, because... READ MORE

Piece of Cartilage in Nostril After Rhinoplasty, Can this be Fixed? (photo)

This is sort of difficult to explain, but after rhinoplasty I've had a piece of something - seems like cartilage - in my left nostril. It runs down the inside of my nose... READ MORE

1.5 years post-op: what exactly is this? (photo)

One side of my nose clearly hangs a bit lower than the other side. My nose is also more "notched" on that side - the crease is more defined, it sits a bit higher, there is more... READ MORE