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Suture Indents - Looks Like A Dogs Ear After Excision

I had 2 mole excisions done a about 2 1/2 months ago. One was on my nose and the small mole was under the skin. I did not know what it was until biopsy report. That excision... READ MORE

Scar Revisionist/ Facial Specialist?

I need to find an excellent doctor to fix a scar on my nose from an excision. I live in PA but can travel to NY or NJ as well. I have some suture indents and a bit of a... READ MORE

Mole Removal - Can I Get Radio Surgery?

I am wondering why it seems that plastic surgeons do not use the method of radio surgery for mole removal? Or maybe some do? I understand there is still a sample for biopsy... READ MORE

Laser Scar Treatment - Is it Best to Wait?

I have read a lot about the use of lasers on scars and have found that many surgeons like to use lasers early in scar treatment and others wait longer. The plastic surgeon I... READ MORE

Laser or Scar Revision

I have a scar resulting from elyptical excision of a mole under the skin. The scar is on the upper side of my nose. The site became infected while sutures were in and the... READ MORE

Skin Tension Lines

I am wondering if my excision scars were placed in the opposing direction of skin tension lines. I have a vertical scar on my forehead mid way between my eyebrows and about an... READ MORE

Treatments for Suture Indentations?

I am looking for information on suture indents since I cannot find a lot about this online. I am wondering if there are treatments that realistically work on fixing them?? I... READ MORE

Nasal Bone Pushed In?

I had rhino/septoplasty 4 months ago by a rhino surgeon. A different surgeon had scheduled me 3 weeks later to remove a small bump from the skin of my nose (benign mole under... READ MORE

Dermatologic Surgeon Vs Facial Plastic Surgeon

What is the difference between a dermatologic surgeon and a facial plastic surgeon and which would be best to seek out for scar revisions? READ MORE

How Soon After Suture Indents Should Laser be Carried Out?

How soon should laser be done on suture indents? And, what are the risks involved? What type of laser is best for them? It is driving me crazy that some doctors say sooner... READ MORE

Round Raised Area on Top of Scar on Nose - What Will Resolve It?

I don't know if this falls into the category of dogs ear completely but above and elipse excision scar on the side of my nose is a round area of skin that under certain... READ MORE

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Recommendation for Doctor Experienced In Scars?

Has anyone had experience with Marc Zimbler in NYC? I am considering him to look at my facial scars and possibly fix a dogs ear deformity on my nose. Or if there are any... READ MORE