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Are Radiesse and Other Fillers Safer Than Synthetic Implants Being Put into the Nose?

I am Asian and have quite a flat and round nose. I have been getting fillers such as radiesse, Perlane and Juvaderm injected into the tip and bridge of my nose for the past few... READ MORE

Veins and Reddish Nose After Juvaderm Ultra Plus Injection

I frequently have juvaderm ultra plus injected into my nose to give it definition as I have a flat nose bridge. Recently, I had half a syringe injected into the nose of my... READ MORE

Do Juvaderm/Perlane Spread when Placed in the Face?

I was a huge fan of injecting Radiesse into my nose to increase the bridge as well as to achieve a slender and narrow affect from the front view. However, I would soon like to... READ MORE

Bloody Supply with Fillers/ Gore-tex Implant

I have been looking to get a nose job done, but for the past few yrs, I have opted to get temporary fillers injected to raise the bridge of my nose. Sometimes, I can feel a... READ MORE

How to Know if Gore-tex Implant is Infected? Can It Be Removed Through Closed Rhinoplasty?

I recently had Asian rhinoplasty where ear cartilage was used to define the tip, and a thin piece of gore tex placed in the bridge. I understand the risks of having a foreign... READ MORE

How Will Aging Be Affected by Ear Cartilage Being Harvested for Rhinoplasty?

I recently had quite a bit of ear cartilage harvested to redefine my nasal tip. Although my ear looks the same, I can't help but reach behind my ears to feel the asymmetry and... READ MORE

Will I Regain Sensation in Tip of my Nose After Cartilage Used to Redefine Tip?

A month ago, I had rhinoplasty where ear cartilage was used to sharpen the tip of my nose. It's been a month after surgery and I have no sensation when I touch the tip of my... READ MORE

Will Having a Thin Gore-tex Implant As Opposed to a Thick One in the Nose Lessen the Chances of Extrusion/infection?

A month ago, I had rhinoplasty where the PS used a thin piece of gore-tex to on my nose bridge. I used a thinner implant because I was satisfied with the height of my bridge,... READ MORE

Is There Anything I Can Do to Lessen the Risk of an Infection in my Gore-tex Implant?

I recently had Asian rhino where a thin gore-tex implant was used to elevate my bridge. Although this is a highly popular practice in Asia, it appears that many doctors from... READ MORE

Nose Shifts when Smile After Nose Job?

I had rhinoplasty about 3 months ago where cartilage was used to project the tip of my nose. Most of the stitches have dissolved and a few weeks ago while cleaning the inside... READ MORE

Does Ear Cartilage Harvesting for Rhinoplasty Affect Hearing? Also, Can It Affect Earring Use?

I had quite a bit of cartilage in my left ear harvested for my nose job. My ear seems fine although sometimes it feels strange when I put my hand behind my ear and feel that... READ MORE

I've a gore tex implant in my nose and I squeezed a black head which left a permanent scar. Will subcision help? (Photo)

I have a gore tex implant in my nose bridge and I squeezed a black head which left a permanent scar. It has been months and the scar has not healed. I have a feeling that the... READ MORE