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Worth It! - Pennsylvania, PA

It started with a lump on the bridge of my nose I thought was a pimple that wouldn't heal...went to a dermatologist and after biopsy revealed it was a type of non-cancerous sun damage...yet had to be removed. It was successful after 3 attempts (first was a type of devise that just cut it out, but it returned...then liquid nitrogen which didn't work...(several weeks in between each attempt)..... READ MORE

Lasik Definitely Worth It! - Pennsylvania

I've been wearing glasses since age 4 with heavier & higher rx until 6 yrs ago at age 52. I had lasik done! One eye now "sees" distance the other "close". It's perfect for me. (My brain brings everything into focus, so it's not like I have to close one eye to see far or near.) I was thrilled to wake up one day and see the clock across the room! I was so... READ MORE

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Lipo Incisions Look Inflamed - What Can I Do?

4 weeks ago I had SmartLipo on abdomen & back with a total of 15 small incisions. Most healed nicely except for the 2 largest ones on each hipbone. They are red and... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have a Hernia from Smart Lipo?

I'm now about 6 weeks post smart lipo on abdomen, flanks and back. The left front side is very noticably bulging out (and has been since the first day after lipo.) At the 3... READ MORE

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Is it possible to have a hernia from smart lipo?

I'm 4 weeks post smart lipo on abdomen and back. The left side is very noticably bulging out (and has been since the first day after lipo.) Last week the doc says not to... READ MORE

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Update: It's been a year since I had lipo on abdomen, back (bra fat), arms and thighs. By my 4-month checkup the doc admitted that he had "missed" some fat on the left side of my abdomen (not just swollen as he had insisted for several... READ COMMENT

Not cheating is correct...most of us may want help or enhancements in some way. Some people say "you're so vain!" or "crazy" but I guarantee you they also have vain or crazy things that they do or have done to feel better but won't... READ COMMENT

Hi Laredo! Today is Feb 11, 2011, I had lipo on Dec 8, 2010, with resulting lumps, bumps, bruises, swelling and assymetry and unevenness (left side of ab could be still swollen, so doc says I have to wait 6 months to decide if I need... READ COMMENT

Hi sunkissed..today is Feb 11, 2011 and I just came across your posts on this site. I'm so sorry for you and you're in my prayers. Do you have a new update since your March 2010 post? Did you get the necessary corrective surgery etc.?... READ COMMENT

Hi Sarja! I'm in my late 50's and have had the flabby, jelly belly, bra fat, bulging thighs (you name it) since early in my life, yet was never obese, just the usually weight gain, loss, up and down, over the years and child birth,... READ COMMENT