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Juvederm - Oklahoma City, OK

This was much less painful than Perlane. I had it in my cheeks to give me more volume. I have less bruising and virtually pain free. I do have some selling and white discoloration (looks like little balloons under my skin) but it is only the second day. I am excited because I can already see how it will improve my facial structure. READ MORE

Botox Forehead - Oklahoma City, OK

I go in about every 9 months and get this done on my forehead (I tense up and have two deep lines in between my eyes). It looks wonderful and has also helped me with migraines and decreased wrinkling on my forehead and around my has significantly made me look less stressed. I highly recommend it. READ MORE

Under Eye and Around Mouth Perlane Injections - Oklahoma City, OK

I am a attractive 42 yr old woman who weighs 105 pds. I have always taken care of my skin except for occassional tanning (which I have committed never to do again..) This year I noticed more fine lines and lose of fat in my face. My smile lines havent looked so happy...also I was really flat under my eyes near my nose which made under my eyes look darker. I also had this crease that looked... READ MORE