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How Often Can I Have Fillers?

I had perlane 6 months ago. Although it hasn't run out completely, it does not look as before. Is it safe to have a topup before it runs out completely? I did not have any... READ MORE

Can Botox Be Used to Correct Marionette Lines? Is That Possible?

What's best for marionette lines? botox or fillers? I've heard a small amount of botox can be injected to correct marionette lines, is that true? If so, how about the... READ MORE

I'm 51 yrs old. Why Didn't my Doctor Give Me Enough Botox? (photo)

First time I had treatment, he gave me fillers and botox, and I was very,very impressed with the results. Then I came back for more botox, as I thought I needed a touch-up... READ MORE

Does Perlane Fade Quicker if You Have a Fast Metabolism?

I heard that some other fillers fade quicker if your metabolism tends to be fast. Mine is slow, unfortunately, but my perlane after a year was still looking good, although I... READ MORE

Confused About Perlane and Juvederm?

What is the real difference between perlane and juvederm? I have always had perlane and was happy with it, but having moved area again, my new doctor uses juvederm only. She... READ MORE