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Once a Year my Dermatologist Removes Age Spots on my Face with Liquid Nitrogen. He's Fantastic!

Each brown spot is usually smaller than the tip of a q-tip but looks awful and only gets worse untreated. The trick is the ability of the dermatologist; going deep enough to remove the discoloration but not so deep that there is lightening or scarring. It's so much kinder than a facial chemical peel. The day of treatment the spot is pink and stings. The next few days the pick spot turns... READ MORE

Expected a Full Lift and Doctor Did Mini - Oklahoma City, OK

Within two weeks of my facelift the swelling started reducing and the original characteristics returned. By three months post-op the pre-post photos are the same. I had an excellent surgeon who says this seldom happens. Could it have been the absorbent sutures he used? I feel like as the sutures were absorbed the swelling which held the lift in place resolved and the original neck/jaw/jowls... READ MORE

Recovery from Upper and Lower Face Lift - Dallas, TX

I'm five weeks post op and finally feel normal enough to be in public. Didn't have much bruising, but my ear canals swelled and made me feel like I was under water for four weeks. My eyes looked weird, too, until this week. Now it's all looking pretty good but I still have numbness and swelling on my forehead and along the sides of my face. My neck is sore. Don't expect to... READ MORE

Questions from NHaven

Can Face Lift Fail Because Sutures Are Absorbed to Quickly?

Is it better to use absorbable or non-absorbable sutures? My SMAS failed. Nothing ever tore. Nothing sagged non-symmetrically, just none of the suture anchoring worked. pre and... READ MORE

What is my Plastic Surgeon Going to Do During Revision?

My plastic surgeon is going to do a face lift revision due to descending jowls and neck banding. This time he said he will "undermine" along my neck and jaw line.... READ MORE

Horizontal Incision Along Hairline Behind Ear

In a few days I am scheduled for a facelift revision. My surgeon did a SMAS but did not undermine the neck and jowls so the facelift failed. This time he wants to add a... READ MORE

Facial Widening with SMAS Facelift

Four months after SMAS facelift my face is still wide where the SMAS was folded for suturing. Is there a reason why a surgeon elects to fold the SMAS rather than trim (SMASectomy)? READ MORE

I Had my Face Lift Repeated Because the Undermining the First Time Was Inadequate.

I had my face lift repeated because the undermining the first time was inadequate. This time feels much better, secure and more natural. Sadly, during the same corrective... READ MORE

Surgeon Accidentally Cut Levator Muscle During Bleph Revision

Three weeks ago during bletharoplasty revision my plastic surgeon accidently cut my levator muscle. When my eyelid would not open the next day he stitched it up in his office.... READ MORE

Is It Normal for the Muscle Between the Eyebrows to Feel Stretched 5 Months After Blepharoplasty?

Is it normal for the muscle/skin between the brows to feel stretched 5 months after blepharoplasty and face-lift? My forehead, brow and eyelids feel normal to touch (I have... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Buccal Fat and Jowls?

What is the difference between buccal fat and jowls? Is it something that is visualized or palpated or is the position on the jawline different? READ MORE

After Browpexy my Eyelid Closes Down when my Eyebrows Are Raised. What Happened?

After browpexy revision on one eye, the eyelid closes down when that eyebrow is raised. Should I massage that eyelid to release whatever is holding the lid to the brow? READ MORE

Browpexy Carried Out Without my Consent

I signed a consent for a blepharoplasty but the surgeon did a browpexy which failed. I'm confused. Now my eyes look exactly like they did before he did the surgery only... READ MORE

9 Weeks Post Neck/Face Lift: Neck is Starting to Sag

Nine Weeks Post Neck/face Lift with Undermining and Submental Incision, my Neck Skin is Starting to Sag and Creep. Does the neck skin tighten over time (next 6-12 months of... READ MORE

Thermage After SMAS Neck Lift / Face Lift

When Can Thermage Be Done to Tighten Loose Neck Skin Remaining After SMAS Neck and Face Lift? READ MORE

Did My Browpexy Work?

Full neck and face lift. After 5 months (post op) I wake in the morning and sometimes my brows look great (except for the wrinkling above the brow) but by mid-day the brows... READ MORE

Why Would A Surgeon Use An Endotine Fixation Device For An Endocscopic Brow Lift?

Why would a board certified plastic surgeon use an endotine fixation device for a brow lift instead of relying on their own suturing abilities? Wouldn't the endotine have a... READ MORE

My Neck and Sides of my Face Are Sore and Stretched 7 Months After Face and Neck Lift. Why is that?

To an outsider I look perfectly normal but I am in constant pain and discomfort. Superficial sensory sensation is in tact and the affected areas feel soft and pliable to deep... READ MORE

Is The Tight Feeling in my Neck and Sides of Face from Scar Tissue Following my Face and Neck Lift?

It's been 12 months since my initial lift, but my board certified plastic surgeon revised the poor jowl and neck result by doing a corset platysmaplasty 8 months ago. My... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between a Thread Lift and a Suture Suspension During a SMAS Facelift?

What is the Difference Between a Thread Lift and a Suture Suspension During a SMAS facelift procedure? Is there another (or longer lasting) way to secure the SMAS in the neck... READ MORE

During a Full Face and Neck Lift Which is More Effective: SMAS Plication or SMAS Trimming?

Direct sutures or suspension (NOT thread) sutures into the SMAS? What has been your experience long term? READ MORE

Can CoolSculpting by Zeltiq Be Performed over an Old Abdominal Scar That is Wide?

And adhered to the underlying tissue or should the scar be revised first? Or CoolSculpting not done at all over the scar? READ MORE

Is the Method of Fixation Different for a Facelift?

Where the SMAS is elevated by plication (folding) rather than imbrication (trimming)? I the tissue fixed onto itself or into the bone? There seems to be a difference of opinion... READ MORE

Is there a Brow Lift That Suspends the Brow by Drilling into the Bone?

Have you ever heard of a brow lift where the brow is suspended by drilling into the underlying bone? I would like a lateral brow lift from a temporal approach but do not want... READ MORE

My Concern with a Brow Lift is One Brow That Elevates and the Other That Remains Low.

Is it unrealistic to ask the plastic surgeon to agree in writing before surgery that he will redo for free either brow that does not "move" and shows no change from... READ MORE

Discussions started by NHaven

Laser treatment to tighten sagging neck skin after facelift revision?

Four months after face lift revision to more fully undermine the neck, the neck skin is sagging. Will laser treatment help tighten the skin? The neck muscle still feels tight... READ MORE

Recent comments from NHaven

Please post your experience after your second treatment. I don't want to commit (my doctor wants $2500) until several women give it the thumbs up. READ COMMENT

This happened to me once when I tried laser; it stayed dark for a month or so then faded. But the darkness from liquid nitrogen should pass within a week. Sometimes it's an obvious scab or burn and other times it just looks a little... READ COMMENT

I am so sorry that RealSelf did not forward people's comments to me related to facelift revisions that I have experienced so I could have commented last year! Still if this helps anyone: Facelift revisions are VERY common. I "choked"... READ COMMENT

Dear Marjayrey, earlobes can be fixed successfully but I don't know if it's an office procedure. Ask the doctor board on this RealSelf site and attach a close-up picture of your ears if you can. The pouches under your jaw may relax and... READ COMMENT

Dear Lilacs, Welcome to the group! What is an "unrealistic expectation" when we are bombarded with TV ads, promises and marketing doctors! If your doctor revised "in the office" I doubt the SMAS was part of the revision but he may have... READ COMMENT