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Laser Burn Due to Laser Resurfacing.

I am 22yrs indian female with dark skin, 2days ago I went for photo rejuvenation. Immediately after the treatment my skin started burning and now I have all black burn marks... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation from Laser Burns

I went in for Photorejuvenation with ipl on 4th of jan this year i got second degree burns and now after a month my skin is all pathy and hyperpimented,my face is ruined please... READ MORE

After Laser Burn is Dermamelan Good?

I had laser burn 45days back and now i am left post inflametory hyperpigmentation,how can i get rid of it . is using dermamelan safe at this time or should i wait more READ MORE

Post-IPL Inflammatory Hyper Pigmentation

I am indian female 22yrs. i had some tanning on my forehead and my dr suggested ipl ,but after ipl my skin scabbed and now my whole face is pigmentated .its over 60days now and... READ MORE

TCA Peel, Cosmelan or Futurtec for IPL Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation?

I had ipl done in jan2011 resulting in hyperpigmentation.i have been using hydroquinone 2% &retinol 0.025% at night and morning kojic acid skin reacts beautifully... READ MORE

Patchy Skin!! Best Treatment for Even Skin Colour

I had ipl 6months back and had burns which resulted in pigmentation , as off now my skin has healed and is back to normal 70% but what can i do to get a good skin with even... READ MORE

Had Ipl Burn.. is It Advisable to Use Laser for Hyperpigmentation

I had ipl in the month of jan and got burnt and i am still left with post inflammatory hyper pigmentation. and they still dont seem to fade away even with bleaching cream it... READ MORE

On Obagi nu derm system, can I apply moisturizer?

Hi there . I am 26 yr old indian female with dark skin. I have PI hyper pigmentation . I made advised by my dermatologist to use obagi new derm system . I have been advised by... READ MORE

Will this burn mark fade? (Photo)

A month ago hot oil spilled on my 1yr old daughter's turned red and one wound had blister, next day it became brown applied t-bact for 10 days. The scabbing fell off n... READ MORE

How can I avoid scaring on my baby's cheek? (Photo)

Burning Incense stick powder fell on my daughters cheek n she scratched that area it was all pink . I m applying flutibact on it but she keeps scratching it. It's a week,I have... READ MORE

Is subcision safe on a 2 year old?

My daughter has an atrophic mark on her cheek and it's over a year and I applied cicatrix with combustion of kojic cream to improve it but it's still visible . What treatment... READ MORE

Atrophic marks after burn. What can be done to get rid of it? (Photo)

My 2yr old daughter got burnt last march on face beside her eyes. The would resulted in atrophic mark n it really bothers me and I feel guilty . What treatment can be done to... READ MORE