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For removal of tattooed eyeliner you need to find someone near you that uses ocular shields. I was at a conference and saw a demonstration live. The lady I saw demonstrating this is in Harley Street in London but rules here wont... READ COMMENT

There is a lady in Harley Street that specialises in removal with laser and non laser methods. Her clients have been on TV raving about her. We can't mention on here but a quick search for removal of permanent makeup in Harley St... READ COMMENT

NO, removal will not lead to migration. For pigment to migrate it needs to be in liquid form as it's the blood vessels that take it away. Laser can treat migration very easily but if it's eyeliner you will need to have ocular shields! READ COMMENT

Hi Theresa, I specialise in correction of semi permanent makeup in London, in fact, I lecture on the subject. Whilst you're right, that in SPMU you get what you pay for, I disagree in putting the blame on the client. I have seen... READ COMMENT

Hello, thank you for your kind words. There is no difference between semi and permanent makeup, on is an American term and the other is what we use in Europe. I know it's too late now but here is an article about how to choose someone... READ COMMENT