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I had the same problem after my TT. I finally had to use a Fleet Enema. What a relief it was. The pain meds, plus the anesthesia are soooo constipating. If you have to stay on any pain meds at all, use a stool softener daily. Good luck!
I purchased my silicone sheets and wrap from Amazon and got free shipping as well/ the compression belt has silicone sheeting inside of it and is called the GelZone. It is great and cooling. You cannot use the silicone of any kind until...
On Jan 10th of this year I had a full TT with muscle repair, and lipo. Girl, let me tell you.. I am 40.. and NO WAY will you be able to lay on your side. The only way I could sit or "lay" for 2 weeks was nearly sitting straight up,...
I had a full TT with muscle repair on Jan 10th of this year. I am 5 ft tall and weighed 165. Very fit and physically active and full of muscle. I had twins 4 years ago and it made a doozy of my belly and muscles. Best dicision I ever...