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Left with "Floppy" Eyelids! Doctors & Patients Alike Please Help! - Los Angeles, CA

First, right after my eyelide surgery, I noticed that the stitches were unever & that there were gaps where the skin seamed to 'gap' open. I just figured that the PS new what he was doing. Then I noticed that the incision 'crease' lines were not even! Now that it is 9 days post surgery, stiches out -- my eyes look horrible. I seem to have hanging eye lids above my incision... READ MORE

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Upper Eye Lids - Will Bumps Go Away or is Scar Tissue Forming?

I had a poorly done upper eyelid surgery done 15 days ago. I notice hard bumbs and cysts forming, which I initially thought would subsde. They seem to be here to stay. Am I... READ MORE

Scars on the Incision from my Upper Bleph Are Getting Worse

When I had my upper blephs done, 18 days ago, I had small 'pimples' on the inside of both my eyes. not only have they not gone away, but now the skin on top of my... READ MORE

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I think my doctor bungled my eyelid surgery. Doctors and patients please look at photo and comment. Photo is taken 9 days post .

Operation. All other pictures I've seen of upper eye lid surgery do not look like this at all! Please advise. And this is what it looks like BEFORE all swelling goes down!... READ MORE

Has anyone ever had eyelid revision surgery with Dr. Parsa? He has a stellar reputation, but not many reviews on this site?

Dr. Parsa seems to be in the league with Dr.s Hoening, Steisipar, Mellekeon as far as eyelid revisions go, but there are not many reviews on him on this sight. Just wondering... READ MORE

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Also, where did you get that first cream that you mentioned? (not the scar away) READ COMMENT

I still have raised incisions. (I'm 2 months post-op); do you? they are getting a little better, but it seems to be slow moving. thanks for the quick response, by the way. READ COMMENT

Hi Kristina, I was wondering how your webbing on your eye lid is doing. I have the same thing and am wondering your status? did the cream work? READ COMMENT

They have healed in to raised incison lines and bumps. I do not want this dr to do any revisions on me however, the quandry: other doctors won't consider revisions until after 6 months. yes, I know, things may improve but I know that I... READ COMMENT

Where exactly did you get your fat transfer? Cheeks, forehead, eyes? READ COMMENT