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Pre Op Week

Anyone have any advice on diet the week before? I have been eating a well balanced diet and drinking lots of water. Anything else? Also with regard to clothes for recovery, I... READ MORE

Don't forget squats after surgery

Hey gang, I am half day post op and wanted to remind everyone to add squats to your workouts. I would even do "sit squats" (squats to sit on a bench or almost and... READ MORE

Gotta Pee A LOT

SO I know I have been drinking extra water to make sure I stay hydrated but I am noticing that I still pee A LOT!!! and it seems like it sneaks up on me... I can't figure... READ MORE

7 days post op

Hello Gang, I thought I would share with you my experience and some pics so far. Overall, it was good, I got REALLY nervous waiting to go in for surgery and almost backed out... READ MORE

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I had the same feelings and was also VERY depressed. I talked with my friend who had a tummy tuck and she suggested that I increase my water intake and take Bromelain twice a day. I did that, I increase my water to 100 ounces a day,... READ COMMENT

I am 3 weeks PO and just this week started noticing that when I go to bed, it seems like my scars are adhering down or getting tighter... I will massage it but was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this. READ COMMENT

I use allergen block by cholraseptic. It helps trap the allergens before they get in. they sell it at most drug stores READ COMMENT

Ugh... I got my visitor with cramps and I thought I was going to rip in half. Im 15 days post op and had to travel for work. I seriously thought I was going to die in this hotel room. Tummy Tuck+Period=Serious Business! READ COMMENT

13 days post op and I am back in the office today... So far everything seems to be going well... Have a great day all READ COMMENT