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I will go in front of the camera. This is my third post tonight. On Nov 4, 2010 I had my first surgery. My lower eyes looked like I was 70. I was so pleased, I went back and had jowels and neck. As before, I suspected I would... READ COMMENT

Well look me up cause I am a testimony they did a great job. I don't understand why you people think everyone has a bad outcome. That is not so. And, I think my tolerance for pain is low, I have no children and believe this was much... READ COMMENT

Guess what.. I don't work for them and I had the surgery and I don't have complaints. I am 54 had lower eyes done Nov 4 went back and had jowels and neck Nov. 11. I am glad I didn't see this site before I went. I am African American... READ COMMENT

I am an African American who had LSL and was afraid of keloiding. I am sorry you had a bad outcome. I had my lower eyes done first, the bags are gone no stitch line was left and this was Nov 4 2010. I went back and had the lower... READ COMMENT