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Will TCA Fix Purple Leathery Skin Under Eye with Unnatural Texture?

I have purplish leathery skin around the inside of my eyes and the texture along the path seems uneven as if healed wrong. The skin seems dull. It seems the thickness of the... READ MORE

Small Bumps Under Eyes w/ Hair Follicles?

I have off texture skin running down from the bridge of my nose down along the eye socket bone. I noticed while shining a light in a certain direction each of the bumps had... READ MORE

Can Rubbing Eyes Cause Broken Capularies?

I have very bad allergies in the summer and normally rub my eyes very roughly. I know you can have dark circles from the primary veins running around your eye but it seems like... READ MORE

Cause of Dark Circles Along Nasal Bridge / Eye Socket?

I got this picture while looking into Periorbital dark circles (which I have severely). Anyways if you look at the picture I have circled part of the eye which I have concern... READ MORE

What Are Sloutions For Under Eye Wrinkles and Bumps?

Hi, I posted before but didn't have pictures. I am only 26 and have so many problems with my under eyes. terrible darkness, bumps along the tear trough, bad wrinkles. My... READ MORE