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Fraxel my Axel!

I had Fraxel Laser performed by a prominent NJ dermatologist known as the "laser Doctor." He recommended Frazel for acne scarring. We limited the treatment to the lower cheeks only, as these areas were the only scarred. The laser was actually quite painful and not in a normal way -- it felt like hot needles were being shot through the skin rapidfire. It was such an odd feeling... READ MORE

CO2 Harsh but Effective -- A Mixed Review

I had CO2 done about 8 years ago when I was 22. I was hoping to primarily treat some mild icepick scars and secondarily freckling. The procedure itself was not bad but immediately afterwards, my face was red and burned. The doctor gave me Aquaphor and told me to apply it religiously until the skin had peeled away on its own. After about 7-8 days, most of the skin came off and underneath... READ MORE

Great for my Sensitive Skin - New Jersey

I am Asian/Irish so my skin is very pale, delicate, and difficult to treat because of my mixed ethnicity. It is prone to acne and most treatments are too aggressive. Laser Genesis is amazing. It seems to strengthen the skin, increase elasticity, and lessen overall redness. I have had three treatments so far and although the results of each session are subtle, they are definite. My doc uses... READ MORE

Questions from NoPlasticFlower

Why Do Some People Experience Pore Enlargement After a Peel or Exfoliation?

In my research, it seems that a significant minority of people experience enlarged pores following chemical peels and sometimes exfoliation. What is the cause? Will the pores... READ MORE

Possible Short-term and Long-term Side Effects of Facial Liposculpture

I am interested in facial liposuction to sculpt my lower cheeks. There is very little information available on this procedure, but I understand that in the shorter term, it... READ MORE

Facial Fat Graft Feels Hard Post-procedure

I had an analogous fat transfer to the upper cheeks and orbital region. The fat feels hard like a rock underneath the skin. Is this normal? Should I massage it? I can also... READ MORE

Laser Treatment of Rosacea

I have rosacea and surface capillaries, as well as thin, translucent skin. I'm thinking of having Pixel Laser treatments, but I'd like to know first, what Fitzpatrick... READ MORE

Does Analogous Fat Transfer Lead to Sagging Facial Skin?

Once the injected fat dissipates, will the skin then sag? It stands to reason that delicate facial skin can remain stretched out after the injections are reabsorbed. ... READ MORE

How Does Scarring from Fat Transfer Manifest?

I am six weeks post-op from a fat transfer to the upper cheeks and lower eyelid region. Now that most of the swelling has subsided, the "tunnels" through which the... READ MORE

Rapid Cell Regeneration from Exfoliation?

I am curious about the controversy surrounding the use of epidermal growth factors, AHA, or copper peptides concerning the Hayflick Limit. I understand that cell division can... READ MORE

Temporary Results from AHA Peels?

Why does skin revert back to its normal condition after alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) treatment is stopped? If AHA is supposed to increase collagen or encourage cell proliferation,... READ MORE

Does Sclerotherapy Work on Tiny Facial Capillaries?

Hello, I have very fair skin and lately have noticed that my capillaries are becoming increasingly noticeable. I have tried several types lasers to treat my facial veins... READ MORE

Electrodessication for Facial Capillaries

I consulted with a prominent plastic surgeon about using electrodessication for my facial capillaries. I have tried many of the usually recommended treatments without positive... READ MORE

What Could Be Causing Visible Capillaries on my Body?

I didn't think it was possible but I am starting to see capillaries rise to the surface of my skin all over my body.Although the majority are on my legs, they are also visible... READ MORE

Discussions started by NoPlasticFlower

How Do Ablative Lasers Treat Fine Lines?

Does the success of ablative laser treatments have more to do with the cause of the fine lines? For instance, if fine lines are the result of sun damage, ablation would be... READ MORE

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Saturday, I completely agree with you but never thought to put a name to it, Thermal Aging. That really is what lasers seem to do. I, too, feel that I have ruined my complexion with these devices. (CO2, Smoothbeam, Fraxel). It has been... READ COMMENT

Saturday, I completely agree with you but never thought to put a name to it, Thermal Aging. That really is what lasers seem to do. I, too, feel that I have ruined my complexion with these devices. (CO2, Smoothbeam, Fraxel). It has... READ COMMENT

Personally, I would stay away from chemical peels for these conditions. They are harsh and seemed to be more effective on sun damaged skin. If you are prone to broken capillaries, it will probably make the condition worse. Any... READ COMMENT

I suspect that multiple treatments do more harm than good, personally. I don't think a doctor would answer this question truthfully since it is their business to sell expensive procedures. READ COMMENT

I did not return to that particular doctor. He denies, as most seem to, the negative effect of the laser. I do not believe additional lasers will help alleviate the problem and therefore have not sought additional cosmetic treatment. READ COMMENT