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I too would like to know if it was non-ablative. I'm considering having the Palomar 1540 non-ablative treatment (which is completely different to Fraxel) Zorimar, do you have any experiences you can share? I have acne scarss and am... READ COMMENT

Hi Whirleegig I was just wondering how you were getting on with you treatment now? I hope things have improved since your post? I'm alsso considering having the procedure to treat acne scars. Marty READ COMMENT

Hi che030 I noticed your post from a year ago - how are things going for you now? Are you happy with the results? READ COMMENT

Hi laserfree I'm sorry to hear about your bad exerience - it is truly terrible. I do have one question - you say you had the palamar 1540 fraxel restore. I am a bit confused - these are two separate lasers. There is a laser called... READ COMMENT

Hi Sacremento - thank you so much for your review. I was scheduled to have the treatment today but have postponed it because of some of the scary reviews on here. If you don't mind, can you share some more details. I would like to... READ COMMENT