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After Rhinoplasty my Nose Looks Even Bigger Than Before and a Hump is Now Present?

I am 14 days post rhinoplasty today and am feeling very depressed because i feel like my nose is even bigger than before. My profile is slightly better but the front of my nose... READ MORE

Still Very Swollen 2 Months After Rhinoplasty

I had closed rhinoplasty two months ago and i am not very happy with the results. I have an apparent bump on the bridge which i wanted removed. My doctor assures me it is... READ MORE

Getting Restalyne 1ML on Lips Done for the First Time & Flying out in 5 Days

Hi im just getting restalyne done for the first time, Just one ML and im just wandering if i will be okay to travel internationally in five days? Im slightly concerned about... READ MORE

Perlane Swelling One Day After Lip Injections

Hi, I have had my lips injected yesterday and I'm very worried. The centre is not open for another 2 days and I need urgent answers. My upper lip is much bigger then my... READ MORE

Are There Alternative to Expensive Lip Fillers? Injectable Fillers Don't Last Long With Me.

I have had perlane and juvederm done twice now, with 4 weeks inbetween each. 1ml on bottom and top lip. It is very expensive as it has only lasted me 4 weeks each time and ive... READ MORE