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Will 400cc Silcone Implants Be too Large for my Body Size?

Hi,I have saline breast implants now at 270 left breast and 300 right breast.I am getting them redone but am at the stage where I have to decide the size.I have done the rice... READ MORE

Silcone Implants Sizing for Me with High Profile

Posted question earlier and was gave worng information.I am 300cc in left breast and 350cc right breast with saline implants.I am going to redue with silcone implants and not... READ MORE

400cc to 500cc High Profile Silicone Implant - Too Big?

Had some doctor ask for more info on current implant from the site.I have 270cc filled to 300 and a 300 filled to 350cc saline.I am revising my breast due to 2 pregnancy and my... READ MORE

Swelling and Sewn Pocket

I had my breast augumentation 4 days ago.They had to sew the pocket from previous augumentation because the implant shifted to the side some.Now with the new implants my right... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck Scar Wound? (photo)

I want opinions on what this is. I have been to my doctor and he says to was with soap and water and use Iodine solution (Benydine) 3 times a day. It is very painful, smells,... READ MORE

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I have those days too. I have been real down the last few days. I do have a husband thay has been doing all the work and taking care of both our girls who are 3 and 4. I just wish he was emotional supportive. I would not even do... READ COMMENT

So I am 7 day PO now, I feel today very depressed and feel nothing has changed on me.. I have to take steroids everyday for Adrenal Insufficiency. The steroids made me gain 35 pounds and I have the moon face and the weight gain from... READ COMMENT

Alcohol wipes works wonders that is what they did when I had to go in for my visit plus they said fish oil will work too =) I used the Alcohol wipes pads READ COMMENT

I never did the massage therapy, I had my drain out in 6 days after surgery, they were going to take out 3 days after but wanted the fluid to more yellow in color, I was only drain 10 in a 24 hour period, which in my case is very good... READ COMMENT

Hi Hazzel1071 mine does too and drives me crazy =( I had lipo on my flanks and I itch everywhere back there too, I cant sleep my doctor said I could take benydryl but not giving advice but that is what I did and it helped. READ COMMENT