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Fat Transfer Under Eyes Looks Great

I had my doctor transfer some fat to my undereye hollows and it looks fantastic!Also - I had hardly any bruising, and I always bruise from the slighest bump. Now my dark circles are completely gone and I definitely look younger.  READ MORE

Botox in Jaw (For TMJ) Made My Face Look Slimmer

About 5 years ago I began getting botox in my jaw (masseter) muscle to help with tmj. It really works to ease that pain and I would recommend it for anyone who has tmj. Also, it does shrink the muscle and makes my face look thinner.My doctor does this all time, and I've never had any problems with my injections. In fact, now I get them in my temple too to help with headaches - and this... READ MORE

Zerona Laser - Lost 9 Inches off Stomach and Thighs - Los Angeles

I had 12 zerona laser treatments on my stomach and thighs and was able to lose about 9 inches total off both places. I also lost 14 lbs - from 132 to 118. I'm only 5'3" - so this made a big difference. I was VERY skeptical - but it did work. I changed my diet a little and stepped up my evening walks, but did not do anything drastic. My doctor was actually in the trials for the... READ MORE

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If you are referring to me - KateKill - I am not a fraud. Those are my pictures and Dr. King is my doctor - that is why I'm on her website. They are both me - that is why they are the same there and here. Also - I deeply resent your... READ COMMENT

Hi - My doctor recommended 6 but I went for 12 right off. I did see improvement after the first six. I think the key to the results is probably the detox foot bath after (even tho I was skeptical about that), taking the niacin twice a... READ COMMENT

Hi - It's actually a laser light that she directed at my trouble spots - it's not a cream. READ COMMENT

Hi - Sorry it took so long to get back to you on this - I've had a killer cold for a week. My doctor is {edited} Best! Kate Edited by Sharon: We've added your doctor info to your review. Thanks! READ COMMENT

Hi - I began to see results about a week after the treatments ended. Also, believe it or not - for the next month or so I still lost a little. Also, it didn't feel weird at all. The only effects I noticed were some bloating and I... READ COMMENT