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Radiesse Cheeks - Orlando, FL

I recently had Radiesse injected to give me more fullness in my cheeks. I absolutely LOVE it. I did not realize how much my cheeks had flattened out over the years. Now I have beautiful symmetric cheekbones which I can place a little blush on for a beautiful finished look. They also look beautiful without any makeup at all. I am definitely pleased with my results. I look refreshed and rejuvinated. READ MORE

Hyaluronidase to Remove Superficial Juvederm Tear Trough - Orlando, FL

I had excessive puffiness, swelling and "Tyndall Effect" from superficial Juvederm in tear troughs 5 months ago. Two days ago I had hyaluronidase to remove the Juvederm. I should have done this months ago and saved myself the worry and aggravation about the undesirable outcome from the Juvederm. The hydluronidase caused minor swelling for a little over 24 hours, but it looks great.... READ MORE

Tyndall Effect from Juvederm Too Superficially Injected Under Eyes - Orlando, FL

When Juvederm is injected too superficially under the eyes will it be absorbed by the body quicker than if it had been (correctly) placed under the muscle? I am hoping this situation doesn't last a whole year. I had Juvederm injected 3 months ago for some hollowing underneath my eyes. Unfortunately, the dermatologist used a "superficial" technique leaving me with a Tyndall... READ MORE

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Can I Safely Have Pelleve if I Had Juvederm 5 Months Ago?

Is it safe to have Pelleve if I had Juvederm 5 months ago? Will it dissolve some of the filler? (I wouldn't mind if it did as my results are still a bit too full). READ MORE

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I ended up having the enzyme to dissolve the Juvederm because the bluish discoloration was difficult to live with. The undereyes looked great after that and I decided to only use fillers in the cheek area which helps build up the tear... READ COMMENT

Did you have Juvederm around your mouth the same day? Is it possible that the Juvederm caused the crooked smile since it was injected around your mouth? Maybe an overcorrection from the Juvederm and now it's settled down enough to... READ COMMENT

Yes. It was mildly uncomfortable for a couple of days. I had a very small bruise on the cheek but it was pretty deep so it didn't really show very much. Overall it was a good experience. I am planning to do a little touch up in... READ COMMENT

Kristy, Your skin looks amazing in the one month photo. Are you glad you had it done? How many days of downtime total did you have? Did you get the second treatment done? READ COMMENT

Cindy, How are you doing now after your DOT laser? Did you get the results you were hoping for after everything healed? READ COMMENT