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Booked my Costa Rica Overhaul

Well after watching this site almost 2 years, I have been in contact with several patients of Dr. Lev and I am booked for Tummy Tuck and Breast Implants the 19th Then a second surgery the 27th Facelift to include neck upper eye and lip lift. I will put up my hideous before pics . I had no idea how horrid it was till I took these, LOL of course I keep it all sucked tucked and pushed up but... READ MORE

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Smoked 35 years, quit in 2010. What is a permanent solution for my vertical lines? (Photo)

Now I am over 50 vertical lines are so bad. I understand I have to do fillers to see where I need to be but what is a permanent solution? I have tried the implants still feel... READ MORE

What to do? When to do it? (Photos)

I wanted to be able to respond to the Dr. responses and add I had Co2 Laser 1 year after stopping smoking when I was 45. My lips bother me the most at this moment but I know I... READ MORE

Okay, which implants are better if I do not want a lift. I want implants that don't look like a ball in a sock? (Photos)

I am sure that is clear as muddy water in a wooden boot, but so are all the opinions on sub muscular VS Sub facial placement. I was all set to have my surgery but he will only... READ MORE

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I have no idea but it is what it is I would never suggest a tummy tuck to anyone. The scar no matter if it was straight would still show if you ever want to wear high cut again READ COMMENT

I think it was $85 I did all my test there and just like you I had some nausea but I just got ginger ale and kept trash can by my bed LOL I had tummy done first I am still in pain I had no idea it would hurt so long LOL Dr. Lev told me... READ COMMENT

Hope to see your after soon should look great by now READ COMMENT

No my husband is a surgeon and we do that in our office I did laser in 2011 after I had smoked 35 years it made a huge difference. I went to Dr Lev because wanted to be away from everyone here and have time to recover plus my husband... READ COMMENT

I had Laser resurface for wrinkles but for fine lines Chemical peel is very good Dr. Lex will be very honest READ COMMENT