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1st Day After Revision Rhinoplasty to Fix a Still Broken Nose - Saint Paul, MN

Day two This is my rhinoseptoplasty revision for surgery I had May 2012. My nose did look alot better then previously, however it was still crooked due to it being broken years ago. I am in zero pain as far as my nose goes. I also underwent a revision BA to correct bottoming out. THAT is where all my pain is coming from. No amount of pain killers seem to fix that ouch! I will be posting pics... READ MORE

Getting My Nose fixed December 8th!

After 3 years of living with a broken nose I finally am ready to fix it. I've been researching for awhile with failure to find anyone here in MN I'm almost 100% sure I'm going with Dr. Portuese. Has anyone ever been to him before or know anyone that has? Kinda scary flying somewhere not having met him yet but he has the best before/after's I've seen thus far. I want my... READ MORE

Not Sure What to Expect Once Swelling Goes Down - Minnesota

Hey everyone I just had labiaplasty 4 days ago ( 12/13/10)and couldn't be more impatient for the swelling to subside! The pain is minimal and although they gave me oxy's I'm fine with Tylenol. My labia were long and uneven and are now short and symmetrical minus the unevenness of the swelling. I'm a worried because i'm curious is this what it should look like 4 days after... READ MORE

Questions from Carmen000

I Want to Up the Size on my Saline Implants, Where Would the Incision Be?

I currently have 420cc under the muscle smooth round saline implants. The incision site was through my armpit. I want to get bigger implants (600 or so) so they project further... READ MORE

What Is Done With The Original Implant After Breast Implant Revision?

Hi, I'm getting a breast implant revision next month just to go a bit larger. Switching from saline to silicone. Anyways, my question is can I keep my old implants and take... READ MORE

What Would You Suggest to Fix my Crooked Nose? (photo)

Hi, It's getting down to crunch time as I want to get my nose fixed winter break. Here's some background and what outcomes I would like. My nose has been broken twice,... READ MORE

Gaining Weight After Liposuction Concern?

Hi, I was going to have minor lipo coupled with an upcoming surgery I am having. However, after reading some studies I am a bit concerned. My concern is that after I have it... READ MORE

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Here's the study i found :) Fat Redistribution Following Suction Lipectomy: Defense of Body Fat and Patterns of Restoration Teri L. Hernandez, John M. Kittelson, Christopher K. Law, Lawrence L. Ketch, Nicole R. Stob, Rachel C.... READ COMMENT

I was scheduled for rhinoseptoplasty and liposuction on my love handles on May 8th. The rhinoseptoplasty is a must as I had my nose broken about 5 years ago and cannot breath, I was gonna do the lipo just for fun ( ha oxymoron) because... READ COMMENT

While mine's broken in three places from an accident four years ago, plus I want it narrowed and smaller nostrils( I have pictures in another thread/review you can see if you click my name). I was going to go to Dr. Portuese in Seattle... READ COMMENT

Hi I also live in MN and have been visiting different doctors. Who are you going to? READ COMMENT

No , I'm flying in from MN so everything will kind of be done at the same time. Wish you luck! READ COMMENT