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Revision Rhino? Got Hit 2 Yrs Ago and Tip and Columella Are Deviated and Have a Small Dent?

4 years out from primary to only rasp width of upper dorsum. Got hit two years ago in nose. I was happy with primary but now I my tip deviated a little to right and columella... READ MORE

Can Uneven Tip Swelling Resolve and Even out and Can Your Tip Still Settle into Place Once Swelling Subsides?

Almost 7 weeks post-op from an open revision rhinoplasty. My tip is still hard. My doctor used septal cartilage to build up my right slumped tip cartilage, soften the soft skin... READ MORE

What Could Cause Tip Swelling to Look Ball Like and Be Raised at the Supra Tip Area and Will This Settle to a Smooth Transition?

Revision 8 weeks ago to center tip. Tip was not rotated superiorly,yet it seems lifted and round.Especially where the top of the tip cartilages meet the dorsum.Noticeable... READ MORE

What Are Some Causes of Tip Swelling After a Revision Open Rhinoplasty, Now at 8 Weeks?

I had 2mm cephalic trim and now that area : tip and supra-tip area is swollen. I also had the cartilage on my dorsum lowered right above tip 1-2mm. I just feel like that area... READ MORE

When Will Supra Tip Swelling Subside and Why Does This Area Seem to Hold Swelling?

After having a revision rhinoplasty 2 months ago, I thought swelling would be almost gone. However, the supra-tip continues to swell as the day passes. It is obvious too me as... READ MORE

Can Supra-tip Swelling Be Caused from a Cephalic Trim of 2-3mm?

A post here where the doctor replied about choosing a supra-tip break (my case-Dr. didn't say "supra-tip break", but did discuss lowering dorsum 1-2 mm,allowing tip to be... READ MORE

What is the Cause of Supratip Swelling?

Culprit behind suprtip swelling: tip work or lowering dorsum?Revision 3 months ago& had lower dorsum lowered approx.1mm plus tip work.I'm regretting touching my dorsum at... READ MORE

Septum and Hanging Columella & Projecting?

Dr.'s what kind of lift does a hanging columella get from shortening the caudal septum1-2mm and trimming 2mm off anterior media crura caudally?Seems like a lot has been removed... READ MORE

Is There Anything That Can Be Done to Drop Tip 1-2mm on Frontal View at 6 Months Post-op Revision & Can Swelling Be the Culprit?

Dr.(world-renowned)placed an underlay graft to right tip cart. & added a sliver of cart. in right soft pocket triangle to balance with left. Left side looks normal but... READ MORE

Can Fascia Be Added Post-op to Hide Asymmetrical Cartilage/grafting in Tip Area? Contraindications? Can It Be Done Under Local?

I'm 6 mos. post-op from an open revision. Dr. said surgery went well but as swelling subsides I am seeing asymmetries AGAIN as my skin is thin. Dr. placed an underlay graft... READ MORE

Explain the Use of Steroid Injections for Temperamental Swelling of the Tip?

First,Will swelling decrease over time that can be caused by an underlay graft in tip region or is a steroid injection needed.My PS does not use steroids,plus my skin is on the... READ MORE

What is the Culprit with Different Reflections Post Surgery?

When I look in different mirrors or photograph myself, my nose looks descent at times or awful. It actually looks best in a magnified mirror! Please explain. This is driving me... READ MORE

From Your Experience, How Soon Can a Cartilage Graft from Septum or Scar Tissue Begin to Soften or Resorb Some?

8 months post-op and still have a little swelling mostly on right tip and supra tip area. I have thin skin. An underlay graft was placed under right tip cart. and a sliver of... READ MORE

When Should a Doctors Age Be Factored into Choosing Him As Your Rhinoplasty Surgeon?

I have read a lot about choosing a surgeon. Mostly looking at their qualifications, years experience, before and afters, speaking to or seeing previous patients and their... READ MORE

How Common is It for Your Surgeon to Need to Do a Touch-up Procedure and Can They Be Done with a Closed Approach?

My ps may need to trim or remove an underlay graft made out of septal cartilage.It's caused my right tip cartilage to push against my skin & it looks odd.There is a small... READ MORE

Do You Recommend Using a Temporary Filler Like Juvederm for Nasal Tip Asymmetry Following Nose Surgery?

Following nose revision surgery and now 1 year out...I have asymmetry with my soft tissue triangles. One side indents and the other side is rounded. On the rounded side there... READ MORE

Why are some top rhinoplasty doctors for and some against fascia grafting? Please help this thin skinned patient.

I chose to have a revision rhinoplasty to correct visible asymmetry to my tip after an accident/"shrink wrapping".Although my tip was left untouched in open primary rasping... READ MORE

Options after an unsuccessful revision with experienced surgeon to address tip asymmetry in the thin skinned patient?

My cartilage is still asymmetrical after surgery. No camouflage techniques. The R tip sits a bit higher & pushes out where R lateral crural underlay graft was placed &... READ MORE

Which dermal fillers are best to fill in a small dent in left soft tissue triangle on nose tip?

PS=Stellar credentials/39yrs.exp. Following rhinoplasty I'm still left with a small dented soft tissue triangle in nose tip.On frontal:left tip is concave & right tip is... READ MORE

Please help with next step at 14 months out with visible tip asymmetry-surgery again or filler?

Revision to correct & soften asymmetry for a tip with thin skin,no change at 14 months out.I researched for years & chose a world renowned surgeon close in proximity in... READ MORE

I need a revision to remove a graft causing distortion in my tip; who can I see in AZ? Anyone elite surgeons? (photo)

I am devastated after a failed attempt to make tip symmetrical. I now have a weird looking tip-chevron shape with pinkness bordering it and thin skin to show the imperfection... READ MORE

Can an HA filler, restylane or perlane, be wiped away during revision rhinoplasty surgery as the surgeon stated?

The surgeon recommended an HA filler be placed in very small amounts to augment small dip on side of bridge and to even out slight tip asymmetry.This would be a bridge until a... READ MORE

What is the long term prognosis for using temporalis fascia over the tip to thicken thin skin?

I am seeing differing opinions amongst doctors involving the treatment of thin skin using temporalis fascia. However it seems that placing temporalis fascia is a better option... READ MORE

What causes the "Y" shape visible on the tip/columella area after some rhinoplasty surgery cases? Is it intentional? (photo)

This shape seems to be symmetrical and bruise-like or darker than skin shade. Most visible in post-op patients when showing bottom view and nostrils. Is this done intentionally... READ MORE

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What are the pros and cons from rhinoplasty patients that have had temporalis fascia placed to thicken thin skin?

Any rhinoplasty patients that have had temporalis fascia placed to thicken thin skin please share your experience with me. I am especially interested in the area of the tip... READ MORE

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You look really great. I see improvements on both your frontal and profile! Yeah! So happy for you. Happy healing! READ COMMENT

Looking great! :) I emailed back and forth with Dr. Hobgood! A great guy! I also met with a few more surgeons and I chose Dr. Pryor who Dr. Hobgood recommended for my case! So glad you are happy! Keep the updates coming! READ COMMENT

You are so pretty and I do not notice the imperfections you speak of! READ COMMENT

Glad you are having positive thoughts and feeling well. So great to read about positive experiences. I hope Dr. D was able to correct all the functional and structual issues you sustained during your last surgery. Happy healing! :)... READ COMMENT

Look great! Actually you looked great before! I can't see the pinching in before pic. Wishing you the best! READ COMMENT