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Just over a Month - Liking Results! 55 Year Old Female 10 Areas Cool Sculpted - Atlanta, GA

I am posting this a month post treatment on flanks, upper and lower abdomen and inner thighs (all in one day) then 2 weeks later I did outer thighs. Let me just say: this is NOT A QUICK FIX! Although I expected it, the swelling I had- feeling like I was about 3 months pregnant immediately then... READ MORE

Second Round, 3 Years Later - Atlanta, GA

I had sculptra 3 years ago for nasolabial folds and was 100% happy. It took 2 sessions, spaced 6 weeks apart. Today, after abstaining from ibuprofen, fish oil etc for 2 weeks, I had one vial injected to reduce marionette lines and at the cheeks and sides of eyes to give me a lift. The... READ MORE

totally worth it! - Atlanta, GA

I had lipo in mid - August, 5 months ago. I am 5'7 and weigh 150, (nothing much has changed there, no gain, no loss), and "lipo in not a weight loss tool" as they always say. I has it done to my upper hips and inner/outer thighs, the tumescent technique where they fill you up with fluid first.... READ MORE

Just Had Ulthera Today - Atlanta, GA

Decided to give Ulthera a try today, service was $500 off this month. I am 50, and desired to tighten my lower face and neck and hope to stave off plastic surgery for a few years. I am describing the procedure not the outcome, as the verdict won't be out on that for 4-6 months. My... READ MORE

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Lol same experience here with the jabs in the flanks and the waistband issue!! Hooray for fold over yoga pants- I wore them in- folded over for a bit till that issue subsided. As to your question: The outer thighs are treated with a... READ COMMENT

Hi! I did not change anything. The results were from the procedure only, just a month in. They say it takes 2-3 months to see full results. Since the post, I started exercise (walking and interval walking) plus body weight exercises... READ COMMENT

Fighting those hormones and the weight shift! At least there's a good non surgical option now... !!! READ COMMENT

It's funny, it kinda sneaks up on you. My realization was,gee, it's time for botox...and I looked and said, hmmm! Now, I don't look 20 but I do think between this and fillers perhaps a facelift will not be necessary. Subtle, and halting... READ COMMENT

I really think you don't see results until 6 months, it's's almost like you don't notice, and bam! Things are better! READ COMMENT