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Just Had Ulthera Today - Atlanta, GA

Decided to give Ulthera a try today, service was $500 off this month. I am 50, and desired to tighten my lower face and neck and hope to stave off plastic surgery for a few years. I am describing the procedure not the outcome, as the verdict won't be out on that for 4-6 months. My... READ MORE

totally worth it! - Atlanta, GA

I had lipo in mid - August, 5 months ago. I am 5'7 and weigh 150, (nothing much has changed there, no gain, no loss), and "lipo in not a weight loss tool" as they always say. I has it done to my upper hips and inner/outer thighs, the tumescent technique where they fill you up with fluid first.... READ MORE

Second Round, 3 Years Later - Atlanta, GA

I had sculptra 3 years ago for nasolabial folds and was 100% happy. It took 2 sessions, spaced 6 weeks apart. Today, after abstaining from ibuprofen, fish oil etc for 2 weeks, I had one vial injected to reduce marionette lines and at the cheeks and sides of eyes to give me a lift. The... READ MORE

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It's funny, it kinda sneaks up on you. My realization was,gee, it's time for botox...and I looked and said, hmmm! Now, I don't look 20 but I do think between this and fillers perhaps a facelift will not be necessary. Subtle, and halting... READ COMMENT

I really think you don't see results until 6 months, it's's almost like you don't notice, and bam! Things are better! READ COMMENT

Nadiahoney, the radiesse filler will eventually go away, and your face will shrink back. Ultherapy builds collagen over time, I am not sure spending the $ on that now will get you where you want to go. Also, you should go back to your... READ COMMENT

Reprt is in! Very pleased with results :) READ COMMENT

Sharon, I took it very easy on the walking (just did a mile or so 1st day) and also wore the compression garment while doing so, so no swelling because of the walking, MD said it was OK to do "to tolerance", and it helps circulation as... READ COMMENT