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Hi Ladies, I have an update you might be interested in! As I mentioned above I had a BAD experience with botox last year. Well, I thought I would try a little bit again by a different person and see how it went. No problems at... READ COMMENT

Hi Susie, My brother wasn't that happy with his botox as it created wrinkles in a different spot when he smiled. My Mom's was ok, but once she wasn't happy with the way it made her eyebrows look. I don't think they were sick from... READ COMMENT

Hi Susie, I would seriously think twice... if you get it for your crows feet it can ruin your whole smile as it pushes your cheeks out in a WEIRD way- it has happened to me a couple of times with the crows feet area and I hated it... READ COMMENT

Feeling great today! Thank God... I have all my energy back and I feel happy and relaxed again. You were right about the Pepto Bismul :-) ~ Pinky x READ COMMENT

Phewwww! That is exactly what I needed to hear.. because it was making me pannick and adding to the weird feeling. Thanx so much. Now I will stop taking it and reoport back AGAIN tomorrow. You, and this site have been very... READ COMMENT